#LetsTalk: Self Acceptance

Low self-esteem is something that many people struggle with from a young age. looking back, there are many dark spots in your life where you came to blows with low self-esteem? I'd like to say that since I was a teenager, experiences of self-confidence in young adults have marginally improved, but in this image-obsessed world that we live in, I'd be lying. It is so significant that we find a way to break through preconceived ideals about beauty, I have battled long and hard with self-esteem issues and having emerged from my journey stronger and better informed,
What you achieve in life depends a lot on, among other things, what you believe about yourself! Your self esteem is a critical ingredient for success... it is a product of yourself-perception…which is simply how you see yourself. It has to do with your FAILURES, SUCCESSES, GOOD & BAD experiences in life

Most of my New Years resolutions involved self acceptance which was something i struggled with growing up and i still have days where i do lack on the self love front.
With social media, magazines, everything- society as a whole is constantly being told to “be better”. Be thinner, be smarter, be more beautiful- whatever it is, be better. Because where you’re at right now isn’t enough (and by media’s standards, it never will be). We can all progress. That’s what life is about. The problem is that social media holds us all up to the same standards, when we are all different people of different skills. We all have our gift, like i'd say my gift is creativity and helping others. 

we are our worst critics and the biggest lie we can tell ourselves: we are not enough. Being who you are is always enough, and there is no one who can take that fully away from you besides you. Sure others can insult and hurt you, but you are the one who chooses what will hurt you, and what will make you stronger. I can't deny that when i look i don't pick at every flaw, i do the same with what i write/create 
Society has evolved to constantly show stereotypes of how people should look and act, and this has an enormous effect on young adults. My generation especially has a problem with attempting to form to social norms, and this has caused a lot of people to dislike their individuality 

#1 Celebrate Your Strengths
#2 Shush Your Inner Critic
#3 Be Kind To Yourself

 I think the world, especially young people, is plagued by the seemingly innocent ideas of beauty and perfection. It seems to be a goal for most to be beautiful or perfect in a certain aspect, may that be in looks, work, or whatever. Everyone wants to have a piece of beauty or perfection in the way that they are or what they do, but some fail to see their own natural beauty and thats becoming an issue resulting to those dark periods in young peoples lives: mental illnesses which most definitely lacks understanding.

Your heart is beautiful because it loves so much, and so tenderly. In all of it’s wounded places, through the scars, the cracks where you have been broken open by life, you are expanded. You love even wider.

Your scars are beautiful, because scars are medals of survival. A scar can become a shooting star. Let them decorate your skin with strength and desire.

Everything about you is beautiful. your imperfections make you beautiful, mostly they make you human.
Self-acceptance is an invitation to stop trying to change yourself into the person you wish to be, long enough to find out who you really are.
know you are enough, you are important and you are worthy. Exactly as you are. Don't let anyone tell you different, even yourself. Remember its up to us to know our worth and be your own cheerleader

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  1. Really enjoyed this post. I too have had problems with self acceptance and self love. However, once you begin to love yourself and the skin you are in that's when everything will fall into place. I had to learn that the hard way. Keep up the great work. Love it. (: