Goals I Want To Achieve In 2016 Before My 21st

Happy Saturday to my lovely readers and to the lovely people who may have just passed through my little blog while on a blog reading extravaganza. The year is nearly up, only just a good few days until December 1st is here so why not do a post of  all my goals for the new year. Fingers crossed i actually stick to these... 

Create A YouTube Channel
Be Happier & Positive
Maybe Get A Tattoo or Another Piercing (its more likely I'll get a piercing)
Read More Books
Start An Adult Journal
Reach A Big Blog Milestone
Travel More
Be More Open & Honest
Try Writing A Book
Be More Organised
Have More Pamper Evenings/Me Time
See A West End Show

I hope you didn't mind the little post - What are your goals for 2016 or even before the 21st birthday? I'd love to hear them! It's definitely gonna take some time for my brain to register the fact I'll soon be 21 in 6 months from January.

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