Confessions Of A Blogger ♡

I started this blog back in Feburary i think? Under the url simonexlouise, which i then decided to change to beautifulximperfections weeks after. I would say i picked up the whole blogging thing in April. This is probably my main blog if you don't count Tumblr (which i've had since 2010?) And when i decided to bite the bullet and create my lovely blog, and blog about things that make me happy & thats when i got into the whole 'stalking' other blogs

I don't have a defined blogging niche. I have come across and still see blogs talk about how important it is to find a niche although it may be classed as a lifestyle blog - and why? I think you shouldn't have a defined niche when you have many things to say about beauty, fashion, lifestyle and just blog about things that make you happy. I personally have many things i enjoy and to restrict my blog to only one thing would be boring. 

It makes my day when i have a new reader/follower. I would probably enjoy blogging if no one was reading it, but that's not true. it makes me happy when i get a comment or tweet from someone from behind the screen saying they like my blog and content

I have thought of blogging in high school which i decided against because of my insecurities and the feeling of self doubt in fear that no one would be interested in what i had to say. And how wrong was I!? It definitely was a good decision to have started it this year.

I'm quite self conscious of my blog. i enjoy blogging my family know about it, and they have some nice things to say about it but the idea of them reading it makes me feel quite shy although my mum, sister including my nan have read on particular post: LIVING WITH A HEARING LOSS, DEPRESSION + ANXIETY and the kind words honestly made me smile.

Sometimes i lack motivation, Blogging is something i enjoy and i have idea's forming in my brain all the time, but sometimes i just lack the motivation to actually sit down and write a post, i know what i want to write but sometimes the words coming out just don't sound good enough. Maybe I'm just a perfectionist, just a little bit?

Sometimes i think my blog is the ugly duckling in the bloggersphere. i love my blog. I'm happy with how it looks but i have a habit of comparing my blog to other blogs including my favourite ones dizzybrunette3notesfromjoanarobowecoppetalsofperfection etc. With their style of writing. photography and content... every blogger feels like this tbh, don't they? We just have to remember it takes alot of guts to put your blog out there for the world to see our individuality *my favourite bloggers are the beautiful strangers/friends i haven't met yet*

Finding the inspiration is harder than it seems but it doesn't stop blogging being enjoyable. I find looking at other blogs, pinterest and tumblr can help with coming up with ideas or just taking the afternoon to draft ideas helps, I look on dizzybrunette3 & robowecop for the much needed inspiration alongside many others i follow on bloglovin' Blog List (Favourite Blogs) 
Katy Bellotte is one youtuber who inspires my monthly posts including Zoella. Overall life tends to inspire alongside music/tv/movies

I dream that one day I'll be doing something i love in media or blog wise. i wanted to use my blog to put myself out there. share my thoughts and the things I'm passionate about. That's the beauty of blogging! Blogging has become a great hobby of mine and I'd like to think I'd still be putting my voice out there either via blogging or something else in the years to come.

I want to finish this post by thanking each & everyone of you who reads, comments or follows The Tale Of BeautifulxImperfections. i have reached 5,000 page views which is insane! Like how did that happen!?
It means alot that you guys enjoy reading what I've created. I love to blog just by itself but it's amazing to get the kind feedback and know that you enjoy reading or even relate to what I write. It makes me really happy and I appreciate your love & support. Even when I go days without blogging, you're still here supporting me. So thank you so so much!! 
BIG kisses to you lovely people.

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