15 Reasons Why A Cinderella Story Is A Masterpiece

This movie may have been cheesy and gave you false hope about high school (like it did for me) but you can't deny how awesome this film is and introducing the perfection that is Chad Michael Murray. Growing up A Cinderella Story was something i watched religiously either when i was sick or just because i love it and of course i had a huge crush on Chad (who didn't!?)
 I'm not gonna lie, i went into high school thinking I'd find my very own Austin Ames and have that beautiful homecoming gown, including happily imagining my marriage to CMM many many times. This probably started my love for chick flicks and the want to dance with someone (preferably Chad) in a pretty white gazebo covered in flowers.

#1 Because it stars Hilary Duff aka the Queen of Teen:

#2 And her love interest was Chad Michael Murray at the peak of his One Tree Hill fame and he was a cutie:

#3 Because everyone felt like this in high school:

#4 That kiss in the rain (and yes i wished that was me kissing CMM, didn't everyone):

#5 And all you wanted in life was a blue flip phone with stars on it.

#6 Because this quote was nothing less than #iconic:

#7 It gives some amazing life advice:

#8 the awesome soundtrack which included the queen herself, Jimmy Eat World & Jesse McCartney:

#9 Because everyone wanted to be Sam in this dress:

#10 it has those LOL moments like this one:

#11 It gives you the confidence to love and value yourself:

#12 This was everyone's first movie OTP (or at least mine):

#13 this scene was pretty badass and the most ’00s movie line of all time:


#14  No amount of embarrassment, self doubt and general life crap can get in the way of achieving your dreams:

#15 It is proof that the "outcasts" can have a happily ever after & things get better:

So that is my 15 reasons as to why this movie is a masterpiece and a timeless classic for all kids growing up in 00's, Thank you A Cinderella Story for giving me the perfection that is Hilary Duff & Chad Michael Murray. 

Why do you think A Cinderella Story is a classic?
If you want a good chick flick,this is it!

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  1. I loved this movie! and Chad Michael Murray was like my teenage heartthrob on One Tree Hill and this movie. I literally watch this every time it re-runs on TV. Thanks for this awesome post! :)

    1. Chad was such a 00's cute, he still is mind you. Thank you for the kind comment! xox