Goals I Want To Achieve In 2016 Before My 21st

Happy Saturday to my lovely readers and to the lovely people who may have just passed through my little blog while on a blog reading extravaganza. The year is nearly up, only just a good few days until December 1st is here so why not do a post of  all my goals for the new year. Fingers crossed i actually stick to these... 

Create A YouTube Channel
Be Happier & Positive
Maybe Get A Tattoo or Another Piercing (its more likely I'll get a piercing)
Read More Books
Start An Adult Journal
Reach A Big Blog Milestone
Travel More
Be More Open & Honest
Try Writing A Book
Be More Organised
Have More Pamper Evenings/Me Time
See A West End Show

I hope you didn't mind the little post - What are your goals for 2016 or even before the 21st birthday? I'd love to hear them! It's definitely gonna take some time for my brain to register the fact I'll soon be 21 in 6 months from January.

Favourite Disney Quotes

Today's post is dedicated to my love of quotes and Disney. I love finding new inspiring quotes and of course i love Disney - who doesn't!? So i thought I'd share some of my favourite quotes from the fabulous Disney creation. I think why i love Disney so much is because they do have many beautiful quotes as well as cute relationships and let not forget the beautiful imagery. 

First of all, when we think of Disney animation movies, we can easily remember its wonderful soundtracks. There are hardly any people who has never heard Disney’s soundtrack once in their life. The Disney animation movie has characteristic of musical film so it gives more powerful impression to moviegoers visually and acoustically than any other animation movie. Therefore, after watching movies, the gemlike soundtracks and its sensation still remain in moviegoers’ heart. Despite the years that have passed, one of the reasons why people still love Disney movies consistently is that they remind us of the innocence of childhood.

 "Where there is kindness there is goodness and where there is goodness, there is magic." Disney Cinderella quote. QUOTES #INSPIRATION <3:  



Do you have a favourite Disney quote - if so what is it?

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#LetsTalk: Self Acceptance

Low self-esteem is something that many people struggle with from a young age. looking back, there are many dark spots in your life where you came to blows with low self-esteem? I'd like to say that since I was a teenager, experiences of self-confidence in young adults have marginally improved, but in this image-obsessed world that we live in, I'd be lying. It is so significant that we find a way to break through preconceived ideals about beauty, I have battled long and hard with self-esteem issues and having emerged from my journey stronger and better informed,
What you achieve in life depends a lot on, among other things, what you believe about yourself! Your self esteem is a critical ingredient for success... it is a product of yourself-perception…which is simply how you see yourself. It has to do with your FAILURES, SUCCESSES, GOOD & BAD experiences in life

Most of my New Years resolutions involved self acceptance which was something i struggled with growing up and i still have days where i do lack on the self love front.
With social media, magazines, everything- society as a whole is constantly being told to “be better”. Be thinner, be smarter, be more beautiful- whatever it is, be better. Because where you’re at right now isn’t enough (and by media’s standards, it never will be). We can all progress. That’s what life is about. The problem is that social media holds us all up to the same standards, when we are all different people of different skills. We all have our gift, like i'd say my gift is creativity and helping others. 

we are our worst critics and the biggest lie we can tell ourselves: we are not enough. Being who you are is always enough, and there is no one who can take that fully away from you besides you. Sure others can insult and hurt you, but you are the one who chooses what will hurt you, and what will make you stronger. I can't deny that when i look i don't pick at every flaw, i do the same with what i write/create 
Society has evolved to constantly show stereotypes of how people should look and act, and this has an enormous effect on young adults. My generation especially has a problem with attempting to form to social norms, and this has caused a lot of people to dislike their individuality 

#1 Celebrate Your Strengths
#2 Shush Your Inner Critic
#3 Be Kind To Yourself

 I think the world, especially young people, is plagued by the seemingly innocent ideas of beauty and perfection. It seems to be a goal for most to be beautiful or perfect in a certain aspect, may that be in looks, work, or whatever. Everyone wants to have a piece of beauty or perfection in the way that they are or what they do, but some fail to see their own natural beauty and thats becoming an issue resulting to those dark periods in young peoples lives: mental illnesses which most definitely lacks understanding.

Your heart is beautiful because it loves so much, and so tenderly. In all of it’s wounded places, through the scars, the cracks where you have been broken open by life, you are expanded. You love even wider.

Your scars are beautiful, because scars are medals of survival. A scar can become a shooting star. Let them decorate your skin with strength and desire.

Everything about you is beautiful. your imperfections make you beautiful, mostly they make you human.
Self-acceptance is an invitation to stop trying to change yourself into the person you wish to be, long enough to find out who you really are.
know you are enough, you are important and you are worthy. Exactly as you are. Don't let anyone tell you different, even yourself. Remember its up to us to know our worth and be your own cheerleader

35 Wonderful Things I Love About Winter

It's not too early to start a christmassy post? Okay this may not be a christmassy post as such but i will be talking about Christmas of course, lets face it you can't do a post like this and not mention Christmas. I know winter maybe everyone least favourite season because its the time where we get the colds/flu but that aside i quite like Winter as much as i love Autumn and it's pretty cold here in the UK so this post is gonna to be filled with the many wonderful things i love about Winter

#1 Sweaters.
#2 Hot chocolate.
#3 Snow days.
 #4 Pyjama days.
#5 Duvet days
#6 Christmas trees.
#7 Presents.
#8 Christmas.
#9 Winter boots.
#10 New Year’s Eve.
#11 The first snow fall of the season (Although that can be unlikely in the UK)
#12 Christmas Telly
#13 Fuzzy socks.
#14 Rosy cheeks.
#15 Cold, crisp air.
#16 Comfort food.
#17 New Year’s resolutions.
#18 Cosy Slippers.
#19 Christmas Pudding
#20 Christmas lights.
#21 The coziness
#22 Strictly Come Dancing
#23 Bubble baths.
#24 Tinsel
#25 Everything Christmassy
#26 Warm pyjamas.
#27 Winter fashion.
#28 Lighting up the Christmas tree
#29 No humidity.
#30 Trees covered in snow.
#31 Scarves.
#32 Leggings.
#33 Christmas Movies

#34 New Years Fireworks

#35 Blankets

What do you love about winter?

10 Things To Tell Yourself

we should all be our own cheerleaders in life and sometimes you just need to give yourself a good old fashioned pep talk to make you feel like you can do anything you want to. Life isn't going to slow down so it's our job to keep fighting.

#1 Nobody has permission to make you feel inferior unless you give it to them. 
#2 We're all a work in progress. 
#3 Creativity takes courage. 
#4 The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see the beauty in others
#5 You're braver than you believe. stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think
#6 It's okay not to be okay. Stop faking it. Stop faking that you're okay because that will just dig yourself into a deeper hole. Let people be there for you, but also let yourself be there for you
#7 You are unique, You are worthy, You are important, You are capable, You are incredible, You are beautiful
#8 You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously
#9 The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all
#10 Sometimes there will be knockbacks but you pick yourself up, dust yourself down and keep fighting like the warrior you are.

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Confessions Of A Blogger ♡

I started this blog back in Feburary i think? Under the url simonexlouise, which i then decided to change to beautifulximperfections weeks after. I would say i picked up the whole blogging thing in April. This is probably my main blog if you don't count Tumblr (which i've had since 2010?) And when i decided to bite the bullet and create my lovely blog, and blog about things that make me happy & thats when i got into the whole 'stalking' other blogs

I don't have a defined blogging niche. I have come across and still see blogs talk about how important it is to find a niche although it may be classed as a lifestyle blog - and why? I think you shouldn't have a defined niche when you have many things to say about beauty, fashion, lifestyle and just blog about things that make you happy. I personally have many things i enjoy and to restrict my blog to only one thing would be boring. 

It makes my day when i have a new reader/follower. I would probably enjoy blogging if no one was reading it, but that's not true. it makes me happy when i get a comment or tweet from someone from behind the screen saying they like my blog and content

I have thought of blogging in high school which i decided against because of my insecurities and the feeling of self doubt in fear that no one would be interested in what i had to say. And how wrong was I!? It definitely was a good decision to have started it this year.

I'm quite self conscious of my blog. i enjoy blogging my family know about it, and they have some nice things to say about it but the idea of them reading it makes me feel quite shy although my mum, sister including my nan have read on particular post: LIVING WITH A HEARING LOSS, DEPRESSION + ANXIETY and the kind words honestly made me smile.

Sometimes i lack motivation, Blogging is something i enjoy and i have idea's forming in my brain all the time, but sometimes i just lack the motivation to actually sit down and write a post, i know what i want to write but sometimes the words coming out just don't sound good enough. Maybe I'm just a perfectionist, just a little bit?

Sometimes i think my blog is the ugly duckling in the bloggersphere. i love my blog. I'm happy with how it looks but i have a habit of comparing my blog to other blogs including my favourite ones dizzybrunette3notesfromjoanarobowecoppetalsofperfection etc. With their style of writing. photography and content... every blogger feels like this tbh, don't they? We just have to remember it takes alot of guts to put your blog out there for the world to see our individuality *my favourite bloggers are the beautiful strangers/friends i haven't met yet*

Finding the inspiration is harder than it seems but it doesn't stop blogging being enjoyable. I find looking at other blogs, pinterest and tumblr can help with coming up with ideas or just taking the afternoon to draft ideas helps, I look on dizzybrunette3 & robowecop for the much needed inspiration alongside many others i follow on bloglovin' Blog List (Favourite Blogs) 
Katy Bellotte is one youtuber who inspires my monthly posts including Zoella. Overall life tends to inspire alongside music/tv/movies

I dream that one day I'll be doing something i love in media or blog wise. i wanted to use my blog to put myself out there. share my thoughts and the things I'm passionate about. That's the beauty of blogging! Blogging has become a great hobby of mine and I'd like to think I'd still be putting my voice out there either via blogging or something else in the years to come.

I want to finish this post by thanking each & everyone of you who reads, comments or follows The Tale Of BeautifulxImperfections. i have reached 5,000 page views which is insane! Like how did that happen!?
It means alot that you guys enjoy reading what I've created. I love to blog just by itself but it's amazing to get the kind feedback and know that you enjoy reading or even relate to what I write. It makes me really happy and I appreciate your love & support. Even when I go days without blogging, you're still here supporting me. So thank you so so much!! 
BIG kisses to you lovely people.

15 Reasons Why A Cinderella Story Is A Masterpiece

This movie may have been cheesy and gave you false hope about high school (like it did for me) but you can't deny how awesome this film is and introducing the perfection that is Chad Michael Murray. Growing up A Cinderella Story was something i watched religiously either when i was sick or just because i love it and of course i had a huge crush on Chad (who didn't!?)
 I'm not gonna lie, i went into high school thinking I'd find my very own Austin Ames and have that beautiful homecoming gown, including happily imagining my marriage to CMM many many times. This probably started my love for chick flicks and the want to dance with someone (preferably Chad) in a pretty white gazebo covered in flowers.

#1 Because it stars Hilary Duff aka the Queen of Teen:

#2 And her love interest was Chad Michael Murray at the peak of his One Tree Hill fame and he was a cutie:

#3 Because everyone felt like this in high school:

#4 That kiss in the rain (and yes i wished that was me kissing CMM, didn't everyone):

#5 And all you wanted in life was a blue flip phone with stars on it.

#6 Because this quote was nothing less than #iconic:

#7 It gives some amazing life advice:

#8 the awesome soundtrack which included the queen herself, Jimmy Eat World & Jesse McCartney:

#9 Because everyone wanted to be Sam in this dress:

#10 it has those LOL moments like this one:

#11 It gives you the confidence to love and value yourself:

#12 This was everyone's first movie OTP (or at least mine):

#13 this scene was pretty badass and the most ’00s movie line of all time:


#14  No amount of embarrassment, self doubt and general life crap can get in the way of achieving your dreams:

#15 It is proof that the "outcasts" can have a happily ever after & things get better:

So that is my 15 reasons as to why this movie is a masterpiece and a timeless classic for all kids growing up in 00's, Thank you A Cinderella Story for giving me the perfection that is Hilary Duff & Chad Michael Murray. 

Why do you think A Cinderella Story is a classic?
If you want a good chick flick,this is it!

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Thoughts On Social Media

I spend alot of time on certain social media platforms whether it's Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Facebook & even Blogger. And i love it but it also has it's days where you are scrolling through your feed comparing yourself to the "perfect" person

Social media is not a bad thing itself. Yes, like everything, it has it's pros and cons but in reality, it is what you make of it. Apart from all the comparison and numbers, it's a great way to express yourself and connect with people from all over the world and I  love that it's a way to create online friendships! I may be going off topic here but watching an addictive programme like Catfish: The TV Show makes you weary of whats out there in the world of social media. But that's about relationships and friendships (tbh it kinda puts you off having an online relationships, well okay it makes you more curious...) 
I've made some good friends via social media. 

Bearing in mind we only see little glimpses of someones life.
We tend to get wrapped up into the whole social media 'perfection' and it becomes quite damaging to young people when already they are dealing with fitting in at school or lacking some self love and we can't forget that social media does play some part in that with all the so called perfection like its one big popularity contest and the pressure to be perfect online with the perfect hair, the perfect makeup, the perfect life but in reality we don't all have that, some of us are lucky.
I want to be "approved". I want to do/say the right thing. Not only when it comes to social media but real life too. And it's just nice to know that people like the photos you take or the content you create or the things you tweet. But the reality is that we - and I'm speaking to my self too, like always - don't need to look for social approval or feel like we need others to validate how good we are. It should come from the inside. “You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.”― Maya Angelou

My Thoughts On Twitter & Instagram
I'm one of those people that checks their feed before she goes to sleep and when she wakes up - its like my own morning newspaper. When I first joined twitter back in 2009 i wasn't a big tweeter, i didn't realise how powerful twitter could be with the hashtags and trending connecting with strangers around the world. Twitter is one of my favourite platforms, i love how connected you are with people and that you can voice your own opinion and be creative in just 140 characters. 
I can spend way too much time scrolling through my feed sometimes out of boredom or just for fun, but I have to admit doing that can either make me feel inspired or pressured just the same as Instagram. With both Twitter and Instagram we only see the highlights not the behind the scenes. My Instagram isn't colourful or thoroughly edited with the cool captions, i use instagram for just me and post pictures that make me smile, i guess you could call it my scrapbook with pretty quotes, cute pet pics and other . In similar ways they are both filtered, there's a whole story behind the "perfect" photo and a more complex person behind the "perfect" feed.

My Thoughts On Tumblr
Tumblr is another social platform i love and use for fangirling purposes. I can't get enough of this site, i actually can't remember when i first created my tumblr account, it was probably around 2010-2011. And no it's not a teenage thing, all ages can have a tumblr page. I see my tumblr blog as a place to reblog pretty quotes, cute gif sets of your favourite fictional couple (and animals) and other awesome things. It also serves as inspiration for pretty room decor and even blog posts
Regardless of how lame you may think you are, on Tumblr you’re one of the cool kids. This is the perfect site where you can fangirl and reblog fictional perfection & pretty things. I guess you can be your crazy fangirling self obsessing over the same thing like other fangirls. It's such a friendly place just like the blogging community is, there are two sides to tumblr as there are with all social media sites. 

I want to use social media, and blogging of course to specifically share my experiences, interests & issues and just things that make me happy. It important to have that balance between your online & offline life and knowing when to take a break from the craziness online, success, fame or followers don't mean happiness neither define who we are as a person. We shouldn't feel the need to put on a persona online, what good does it do? We decide what to share and how to portray our lives online. Nobody is perfect or happy all the time and it will get to a point when we will break. Again it depends how you use your presence online either for good or for bad, we should use our social media influence to make a positive change and continue to inspire other people by being real and honest. 

What are your favourite social media platforms? And what are your thoughts about social media. Let me know in the comments below.

Downton Abbey Fashion Favourites


so Downton Abbey has finished till the 2 hour Christmas special in December where we will see the end of this much loved series, there were many things i liked about this series and one of them was the fashion - the ladies upstairs had beautiful dresses & hair pieces. Downton Abbey has long been revered for its show-stopping costumes and didn't disappoint showing the beauty of that era. 
Set in the dawn of the Roaring Twenties, with elaborate accessories and hues of mystical romance, it provided enough fringe, pearl and lace detail. It makes me wish I lived in that time with elegance & poise including the dashing men Like Matthew Crawley, Henry Talbot, Anthony Gillingham, Tom Branson. 
Here are my fashion favourites from the ladies upstairs from the series 1-6. - Lady Mary, Lady Edith, Lady Grantham & Lady Rose

Lady Mary Crawley
Screengrabs: PBS

Lady Edith Crawley

Lady Rose MacClare
The details are amazing! Don't forget to tune in tonight of the premiere of Season 4 of Downton Abbey!:       

Lady Sybil Crawley

Lady Grantham

 Fashion evolution of the crawley family

"Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside." - Coco Chanel