Why I Blog and Love It

I started this blog early this year, originally it was just a place for me to be creative and get my thoughts & feelings out - along the way i started to fall in love with the whole blogsphere.
Growing up i loved writing in my journal if of course i wasn't sleeping just doodleling or writing the latest happenings of my childhood/teenage years so in a way i started blogging at a young age the old fashioned way.

I'd say i'm a avid blogger 20 years old and if i'm being honest i have loved the idea of blogging when i was 16 years olds, fresh out of school, confidence issues which pulled me further away from creating my lovely blogging home. It makes me so happy that people are actually reading my posts and enjoy them, following my journey as a newbie blogger as it's been said 'blog for yourself not for others' 
The Tales Of BeautifulxImperfections has become my lovely friend, helping me through my life journey. My words words about things i care about and love ~
#1 being able to express myself online.
#2 creating friendships within the blogging community
#3 boosting my confidences & self esteem
#4 having fun with writing
#5 inspiring and encouraging others

At 16 being diagnosed with depression and anxiety made me feel like it was the end of the world as silly as it may sound it did. So to deal with how i was feeling i started to write in a little notebook, reasons to feeling how i felt and how to deal with those emotions etc. I'd like to think if The Tales Of BeautifulxImperfections was created then i maybe would've got through my teenage years unscathed after years of bullying, writing is therapeutic, fun and relaxing. i love coming across other wonderful bloggers and their pretty blogs, gaining some inspiration. It's a lovely little community where you are creating new friendships and more.
Blogging also helps me gain more confidence in my writing and creativity. Since i was young i have wanted to in the media field and gain experiences but right now i'm loving writing on my blog and getting better with my writing skills, i would definitly love to write for magazines, websites etc in the future.

This blog helps me fall in love with writing again and how words can inspire & make an impact. Writing something whether its on paper or on a blog makes me feel accomplished, i see my little blog as my writing portfolio i mean who knows maybe this could turn into a career.
There wasn't really a moment where everything clicked, hey i'm still learning. but this has become one of my greatest passions and i can't wait to see what this blogging journey brings.

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