What It's Like Being A Dog Owner/Mummy (Featuring Adorable GIFS)

Growing up I've always loved animals particularly dogs as my grandparents had 2 Boxers and we had a German Shepherd which was mainly my mums dog, if we were out and about and see a dog i would run up to it  asking to give it a cuddle... 
Before we got my little boy we had talked about the possibility of having a dog to help me with my depression & anxiety - we were looking into rescuing a dog and a neighbour asked if we would like to take on one of their dogs: a pug named Benson. To say Benson has changed my life is an understatement, he is my best friend and has helped me more than he will ever know

Ready For His Close Up

You will literally do everything together from now on.

Sometimes you forget they're a dog and talk to them like you would to a human. You then realise you do this in public much to the amusement of fellow dog walkers.

They genuinely become your best friend. They don't tell you when they don't like your outfit, they're always there to give you a cuddle and are rarely in a bad mood.

You'll never get over how cute the head tilt they do is.

You didn't realise that you can't eat in peace in anymore.

Marley & Me was a devastating film before owning a dog but now that film is banned from anywhere near the house.

Nothing beats the feeling of being greeted by a dog when you come through the door.

you don't like leaving them for a certain length of time, you turn into old mother hen

they become your therapist, only cheaper/ they don't answer back. they just give kisses and cuddles including that loving look as if to say everything is going to be okay.

and now for the random gifs because why not?

even with the little shenanigans dogs get up to, they are the most sweetest pets to ever own and dogs are the one of the bestest friends a girl could ever have... 

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