Tooji - Favourite Songs and Why He Deserves To Be Recognised

Tooji is one artist who deserves a big fan base and overall to be recognised for his wonderful yet inspiring creativity -  The music videos are on low budgets and the after product is impressive! - maybe it's down to the editing but for someone to change their music style even just a little bit & still make great music is amazing!
Tooji deserves to be recognised for his musical talent, he's released some catchy songs, ones I'm always repeating on Spotify i.e Father, L.Y.S, Rebels, Packin' Guns, Cocktail and of course his previous songs Stay & If It Wasn't For You. 
I would like to see Tooji go on a European tour and be noticed for his musical creativity because every song he creates is different and has a lovely message behind it, no matter how big or small with style.

You may remember Tooji performing at Eurovision 2012 representing Norway and it's shocking that he came last when his song/performance was better than the UK one (yes, I think we have rubbish artists representing us in Eurovision, maybe we'll have more luck in the next coming years) and there are other countries that do alot better i.e Norway & Sweden, including many others - I may be biased because I do like Tooji, who holds a bachelor degree in child welfare, and has worked in asylum reception centres helping children and teenage refugees as well as victims of human trafficking, which has motivated him to use his songs and profile to speak out for those who suffer in silence. 
He is a supporter of LGBT and women’s rights.
Tooji doesn't have a record company backing him, he basically pays for the music videos, promoting/campaigning himself with some help from friends and family for his next project. 

The Father Project
 (In Tooji's Words)
I don't think there are any words to explain exactly why I like this, so first off the imagery of the music is amazing and powerful. I guess I like this song because of the message it holds within the music video "love between 2 people of the same sex have for too long been tainted by religion" which honestly I do agree with because most of the time people talk about religion, which I have no problem with, but don't bash others along the way for loving who they love which we still do see sadly. Another reason why I like this song is Tooji isn't afraid to put his message out there, which in my eyes is brave. He stands up for his rights and good on him! There is one particular lyric I like because it basically shows that they're tired of running from how they feel i.e  Tooji labels it his ‘coming out’ video, and I can see that metaphor perfectly when it’s analysed to a deeper level. What I see, is an artistic representation of the battle (both internal and external) that homosexuals (closeted and seeking acceptance) go through. The Priest is a gay man who's coming to terms with himself, trying to keep the sinful thoughts out (perhaps for the sake of religion) whilst trying to gain acceptance from a crowd of mixed beliefs. The congregation is society. It is religion. It’s those who judge, the ones whom the homosexual will seek acceptance from. Tooji himself is a metaphor for temptation, and those feelings and thoughts that won’t go away. The Priest is in a battle between fighting his own tempting gay thoughts whilst preaching an act to the crowd to hide it, pretending everything’s fine. This comes to a head when he can’t hold those thoughts back anymore and gives into them,transforming into a conjoined angel..-  
"And I'll be,
Running from you.
Oh, father if you could just hear me, I'm tired of running,
I'm tired of running from you."

Packin' Guns
I read that Tooji wrote this song as a response to his battle with anxiety and panic attacks. The song is a bit of therapy, and stems from the realisation that he’s able to free himself through laughter and play. He cast children, including his nephews, to help convey that, which i thought was rather cute. Given that message, it would have been easy to drift into ballad territory. However, Tooji is clever enough to know the limitations of his vocal range, and the importance of remaining faithful to his trendy euro dance sound.
Instead of making the song into a dark ballad, Tooji wanted to create a colourful world where he could free himself from all limitations. By visualising and creating the opposite of what he would categorise as self-limiting, he would force himself to become something without limits with the help of his own anxiety.
I think Packin' Guns can be interpreted in many different ways, it stands for the fundamental freedom and strength that all humans have within. As someone who also suffers from anxiety, the message is perfect and easy to understand.
I think this lyric shows that Tooji is fighting against the anxiety and winning.
"They see us unchained
They see us come alive
They see us dropping down like eagles in the sky
We in it for the kill
We ride or die...
Tonight we don’t give a damn
We Packin’ Guns, Packin’ Guns like we M.I.A" 

This song is catchy, with a good beat like the rest of his songs. The message with this video as Tooji states is, “Every day is a struggle between following my heart or let fear take over who I am as a person. We all should be rebels and pull ourselves out of our comfort zone more often.” Wise words Tooji… and this is something everyone can relate to, because we are all scared to step out of our comfort zone and Tooji sums it up perfectly, you need to step outside of your comfort zone and overcome your fears. 
"But we could run, we could run 
Break away from the shadows we’ve become
Know as one, start again, 
And the rebels on the run."

I love this song, probably because this is the first thing I remember hearing from Tooji when watching Eurovision back in 2012, the little dance moves were cute and he just seemed happy to be there which was lovely. This was also his debut performance and the song was definitely one of my favourites from that year. He should have gotten more points, his performance was worth more than 7 points. The song is driven by a heavy beat, infused with a distinct middle eastern flavour, complementing artist Tooji’s Iranian heritage.

Tooji knows how to make fab music and he's good at what he does. I'm surprised i didn't discover him earlier but thanks to good ol' tumblr i found about the video 'Father' and  his musical creativity. I love artists who promote something good with the music they create and Tooji does just that. This is why he deserves some recognition, He's not afraid to take a chance in creating something different, with a political message or a message that promotes equality and celebrates uniqueness in everybody and so forth...

Don't forget to read what I have to say about the Father music video and check out Tooji on iTunes, YouTube or Spotify - let me know what you think!
Also thank you for reading my posts, it honestly makes me smile so thank you!

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