Share The Love: 6 Favourite Blogs

i love finding blogs to follow & binge read.  I love reading personal posts, not only do they allow us to understand the real person behind the blog, they can also be quite inspirational & relatable - or maybe I'm just nosy. I like reading blogs that have a mixture of everything from lifestyle to inspiration & more. Sometimes I go on Bloglovin just to search for new ones to follow, either to get inspiration from or just for pure pleasure. For this post I'm going to give some love to six of my current favourite blogs. 

 notesfromjoana is a recent find of mine, i've been liking this blog alot lately. Joana is the brains behind this lovely blog which she describes as a place for those who have a desire to live a passionate life, explore the world & find the beauty that lies within us which i love, i like the content, layout  and her writing style.

petalsofperfection the girl behind this blog is Sophie, who i consider my blogging bestie. She is so sweet and blogs all things lifestyle to advice. i love the girly/pretty colours and content. 

sunflowersandpumpkins Kourtney is behind this lovely lifestyle and mental health help blog. She talks about her anxiety and depression which i find relatable in my case, she is also a lover of autumn and Disney just like me which is awesome.

dizzybrunette3 I'm not gonna lie and say i don't look at Corrie's posts for a little inspiration because she has so many lovely posts from lifestyle to everything else in between. Her blog layout and content is very cute. 

fineanddandy is a beautiful blog created by the lovely mastermind of Claire, she's adorable and a lover of Disney - sharing her life musings, thoughts and inspiration. i love the cute layout and style.

fleurdanielle was the 'first' blog i followed over on bloglovin after i set up my beautifulximperfections blog (previously simonexlouise, yeah i know, very basic) Fleur is behind this sweet blog, in early 2015 she made the blog more lifestyle including other things she's passionate about & it's awesome. 

what are your favourite blogs at the moment? Let me know!

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