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Happy Sunday!! Happy Lazy Day!! I figured i haven't done one of these posts where i talk about what i've been loving/obsessing over lately.. And I love reading what other bloggers have been loving etc. - they seem so fun to do, so why not give them ago. 

 Currently Listening To 
Tooji's new song 'Say Yeah' It's so good and honestly everything this guy creates is a masterpiece!
One word to describe Tooji is PERFECTION 

  Currently Obsessed With
Tooji & Tumblr (Jude & Zero), both of these are beautiful creations, i love tumblr for discovering pretty things and more beautiful fictional pairings. 
if you have been reading my blog or following me on twitter, you will know about my current obsession with Tooji and my favourite fictional pairings, being a fangirl you never have a break!

 Currently Need
a cosy blanket and slippers & new makeup. i love those cosy lazy days just catching up with blogs, i'm running a little low on certain makeup products and theres never a time to not get a new load of makeup.

 Currently Blogging
I'm not blogging anything so to speak, just drafting upcoming blog posts :) so keep your eyes pealed for those.

 Currently Thinking
about more blog post idea's while browsing through tumblr, pinterest

 Currently Watching
Crime Dramas and YouTube Videos. I've been watching a lot of crime dramas lately i.e River, Lewis, Law & Order SVU. I wouldn't say I've always been a fan of crime dramas because sometimes i find them a little too much. I've been watching Katy Bellotte and the Jude and Zero story  from Hit The Floor

 Currently Reading
 Joana's blog notesfromjoana, she's lovely and her blog is beautiful. I love coming across new and pretty blogs so send them my way!

 Currently Wearing
Pyjama bottoms and t-shirt with a hoodie. just keeping it laid back and bare faced

 Currently Looking Forward To
Christmas!! Just the idea just gets me excited for the festive period and of course the decorations. Its TWO MONTHS away

Currently Following
 Tumblr (i haven't been following anyone new): judezerofans zozeebo moonstruck-me lukasiakscriss

Overall I've been loving blogging, it's helped me come out out my little creative shell a bit more
what have you been currently loving? Let me know!

image credit: pinterest

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