How I Spend A Lazy Day

As it's nearly the weekend  I thought that it would be appropriate as the weekends are the two days of the week where a lot of us just take a few hours to sleep in a bit longer and just have a bit of a pamper day or just chill out and relax with our families or friends. So here is what i like to do on a lazy day.

Wake Up, Have A Bath, Get Dressed and Walk The Dog
of course the first thing we have to do is wake up, i like to wake up whenever just before midday. Before actually getting out of bed i like to have a little cuddle with my gorgeous pug and scroll through my social media Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook etc when i do get myself out of my cosy bed, i liked to run myself a warm bath to help me wake up if i'm feeling groggy. after having a lovely soak i brush my teeth and put on some comfy clothes, then get ready to walk my little doggie. If i have plans for the day i will apply make up after giving Benson (my dog, obviously) a walk around the neighbourhood. 

Have A Cup Of Coffee & A Bite To Eat
I don't always have breakfast in the morning, which is bad i know - i usually just have whatever i fancy whether it's some fruit or cereal bar and then i'll go & make myself some coffee and just have a flick through the channels and watch Catfish: The TV Show or FRIENDS reruns depending on whats on.

Catch Up With Blogs And Messages
Around this time i will probably browsing the pretty blogs feeding my blog envy even more while catching with tv or even answering messages that may have come through while i've been for a walk with the dog.

Blogging/Youtube/TV Show/Film
After having some lunch and being bored, I'll head back upstairs with Benson following close behind and watch a few YouTube videos like HelloKaty or Zoella. I tend to put on some music and start drafting some upcoming posts and maybe even seek inspiration from other blogs. If i have anything i need to watch like the latest episodes of The Fosters or Catfish: The TV Show, you'd find me watching those or even watching a chick flick or Disney movie.

 I've loved writing down memories from each day including all my thoughts, feelings and blog post ideas while listening to some music as it just helps me get everything out and clear my head. Sometimes I'll do this before bed or during the day if I've got a lot I want to get out. It's so therapeutic and I'd highly recommend it.

Skincare Routine/Read Blogs/More YouTube/Bed 
After I've had dinner I'll put on my pyjamas and do my evening skincare routine. Normally on a lazy day I use a multi-purpose product that cleanses and tones the skin and then apply a night time moisturiser. Sometimes I will watch some more videos on YouTube where I'm currently addicted to watching Katy Bellotte (HelloKaty) her videos are awesome, maybe listen to some music & right now I'm listening to Tooji who he's adorable and so good at what he does. Then I'll finally go to bed and have more cuddles with my little furry sidekick 
(which is normally past midnight oops)

So there it is, what i like to do on a lazy day. I hope you liked the little insight of how i spend the lazy days.

How do you like to spend your lazy days? 

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  1. I love this post, some amazing ideas. I also love your photography it is gorgeous!

    Hannah xx