Happy Birthday Grandad

i decided to dedicate this post to my wonderful grandad who would have been 76 today, growing up he was a father figure to me and my sister, teaching us about life, our own Santa Clause and mostly the first man in my life I've loved.

Most Cherished Memories
#1 Grandad getting up at 6am, blaring out his favourite artists music: Raymond Froggatt & Tina Turner, singing them to his hearts content alongside me and my sister making up lyrics. - another one i remember is instead of watching tele most days we'd just watch his collection of Raymond Froggatt videos
#2 Grandad dancing very badly at family gatherings and parties
#3 having breakfast one day and grandad inviting me to check out the boat yard so i rush my little self to the bedroom to change for my little trip. I was given the most important job: checking that the boats where in tip top condition and my little treat being £5 which to me at that age was like £100.
#4 his love for custard creams, mars bars and vienetta ice cream.. and of course his little girls.
#5 one of my most treasured memories is the summer holidays on the boat, feeding the ducks and having a go at steering the boat with the help from my grandad of course .

here's my message to you grandad: I think about you everyday whether it's your favourite songs that come on the radio or when I'm eating your favourite chocolate - it makes me sad you didn't see me grow into a strong minded young woman but I know you are watching me from above during the good and bad days. I will always be thinking of you as I get older & wiser, cherishing those lovely memories we made together. LOVE FROM YOUR LITTLE GIRL 

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