A Little Reminder To Know You Are Always Enough ♡

I always over think things. my mind is always rushing with thoughts, dreams & worries. We are our worst critics and sometimes we just need to take a step back & look at the bigger picture and realise we're being too hard on ourselves.

Am I Enough?
This is always on my mind, I'm still on the journey of finding myself & being happy, including choosing my dream career which is a tad bit stressful because I'm not sure what i want to do and if I'm capable of doing it - i do have one thing in mind: Creative & Digital Media.
There have been alot of times where I'm like I'm not good enough to be doing this which is why i don't try. It's a whole cycle of self doubt, not brave enough, not pretty enough, not outspoken enough, not kind enough, my writing isn't good enough or my opinion doesn't matter enough

I'm sure I'm not alone on this, we all feel like this from time to time. There's also a possibility i could be helping/inspiring someone to know they aren't alone.

Why Do We Feel Like We Aren't Enough?
self pressure and constant comparison of ourselves to other people. We tend to compare our beginnings to other peoples success & the behind the scenes to the perfectly filtered feed of someone else's life. 
There's always someone better than us and doing more. Personally i lack self confidence and have high standards which is where it gets difficult and it makes it easier to feel like I'm not enough in certain situations life throws, sticking out like a sore thumb.

How Can We Overcome That Feeling?
It's okay to feel like you are not enough sometimes. We are all human, we all have insecurities and i think its impossible to feel confident all the time.And we can doing a few things to stop that unpleasant feeling.
We can try to stop comparing because the only thing we can keep comparing to is ourselves. Comparing ourselves to who we were yesterday as from today? Improve you own well being, focus on yourself and where you want to go.

If we don't like something we can change it. Personally i would like to be a journalist or something along those lines maybe even a producer being in control of your projects and other things, creating something that will inspire others one day and instead of feeling sorry for myself because i don't think I'm good enough for something like that, i can learn more & improve it. But there are things i can't change, so i need to learn to accept and embrace them as a part of me.

And for those reading this, just know you are enough, you are important and you are worthy. Exactly as you are. Don't let anyone tell you different, even yourself. Remember its up to us to know our worth and to be our first supporters

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I'm Currently...


Happy Sunday!! Happy Lazy Day!! I figured i haven't done one of these posts where i talk about what i've been loving/obsessing over lately.. And I love reading what other bloggers have been loving etc. - they seem so fun to do, so why not give them ago. 

 Currently Listening To 
Tooji's new song 'Say Yeah' It's so good and honestly everything this guy creates is a masterpiece!
One word to describe Tooji is PERFECTION 

  Currently Obsessed With
Tooji & Tumblr (Jude & Zero), both of these are beautiful creations, i love tumblr for discovering pretty things and more beautiful fictional pairings. 
if you have been reading my blog or following me on twitter, you will know about my current obsession with Tooji and my favourite fictional pairings, being a fangirl you never have a break!

 Currently Need
a cosy blanket and slippers & new makeup. i love those cosy lazy days just catching up with blogs, i'm running a little low on certain makeup products and theres never a time to not get a new load of makeup.

 Currently Blogging
I'm not blogging anything so to speak, just drafting upcoming blog posts :) so keep your eyes pealed for those.

 Currently Thinking
about more blog post idea's while browsing through tumblr, pinterest

 Currently Watching
Crime Dramas and YouTube Videos. I've been watching a lot of crime dramas lately i.e River, Lewis, Law & Order SVU. I wouldn't say I've always been a fan of crime dramas because sometimes i find them a little too much. I've been watching Katy Bellotte and the Jude and Zero story  from Hit The Floor

 Currently Reading
 Joana's blog notesfromjoana, she's lovely and her blog is beautiful. I love coming across new and pretty blogs so send them my way!

 Currently Wearing
Pyjama bottoms and t-shirt with a hoodie. just keeping it laid back and bare faced

 Currently Looking Forward To
Christmas!! Just the idea just gets me excited for the festive period and of course the decorations. Its TWO MONTHS away

Currently Following
 Tumblr (i haven't been following anyone new): judezerofans zozeebo moonstruck-me lukasiakscriss

Overall I've been loving blogging, it's helped me come out out my little creative shell a bit more
what have you been currently loving? Let me know!

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What It's Like Being A Dog Owner/Mummy (Featuring Adorable GIFS)

Growing up I've always loved animals particularly dogs as my grandparents had 2 Boxers and we had a German Shepherd which was mainly my mums dog, if we were out and about and see a dog i would run up to it  asking to give it a cuddle... 
Before we got my little boy we had talked about the possibility of having a dog to help me with my depression & anxiety - we were looking into rescuing a dog and a neighbour asked if we would like to take on one of their dogs: a pug named Benson. To say Benson has changed my life is an understatement, he is my best friend and has helped me more than he will ever know

Ready For His Close Up

You will literally do everything together from now on.

Sometimes you forget they're a dog and talk to them like you would to a human. You then realise you do this in public much to the amusement of fellow dog walkers.

They genuinely become your best friend. They don't tell you when they don't like your outfit, they're always there to give you a cuddle and are rarely in a bad mood.

You'll never get over how cute the head tilt they do is.

You didn't realise that you can't eat in peace in anymore.

Marley & Me was a devastating film before owning a dog but now that film is banned from anywhere near the house.

Nothing beats the feeling of being greeted by a dog when you come through the door.

you don't like leaving them for a certain length of time, you turn into old mother hen

they become your therapist, only cheaper/ they don't answer back. they just give kisses and cuddles including that loving look as if to say everything is going to be okay.

and now for the random gifs because why not?

even with the little shenanigans dogs get up to, they are the most sweetest pets to ever own and dogs are the one of the bestest friends a girl could ever have... 

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Share The Love: 6 Favourite Blogs

i love finding blogs to follow & binge read.  I love reading personal posts, not only do they allow us to understand the real person behind the blog, they can also be quite inspirational & relatable - or maybe I'm just nosy. I like reading blogs that have a mixture of everything from lifestyle to inspiration & more. Sometimes I go on Bloglovin just to search for new ones to follow, either to get inspiration from or just for pure pleasure. For this post I'm going to give some love to six of my current favourite blogs. 

 notesfromjoana is a recent find of mine, i've been liking this blog alot lately. Joana is the brains behind this lovely blog which she describes as a place for those who have a desire to live a passionate life, explore the world & find the beauty that lies within us which i love, i like the content, layout  and her writing style.

petalsofperfection the girl behind this blog is Sophie, who i consider my blogging bestie. She is so sweet and blogs all things lifestyle to advice. i love the girly/pretty colours and content. 

sunflowersandpumpkins Kourtney is behind this lovely lifestyle and mental health help blog. She talks about her anxiety and depression which i find relatable in my case, she is also a lover of autumn and Disney just like me which is awesome.

dizzybrunette3 I'm not gonna lie and say i don't look at Corrie's posts for a little inspiration because she has so many lovely posts from lifestyle to everything else in between. Her blog layout and content is very cute. 

fineanddandy is a beautiful blog created by the lovely mastermind of Claire, she's adorable and a lover of Disney - sharing her life musings, thoughts and inspiration. i love the cute layout and style.

fleurdanielle was the 'first' blog i followed over on bloglovin after i set up my beautifulximperfections blog (previously simonexlouise, yeah i know, very basic) Fleur is behind this sweet blog, in early 2015 she made the blog more lifestyle including other things she's passionate about & it's awesome. 

what are your favourite blogs at the moment? Let me know!

Happy Birthday Grandad

i decided to dedicate this post to my wonderful grandad who would have been 76 today, growing up he was a father figure to me and my sister, teaching us about life, our own Santa Clause and mostly the first man in my life I've loved.

Most Cherished Memories
#1 Grandad getting up at 6am, blaring out his favourite artists music: Raymond Froggatt & Tina Turner, singing them to his hearts content alongside me and my sister making up lyrics. - another one i remember is instead of watching tele most days we'd just watch his collection of Raymond Froggatt videos
#2 Grandad dancing very badly at family gatherings and parties
#3 having breakfast one day and grandad inviting me to check out the boat yard so i rush my little self to the bedroom to change for my little trip. I was given the most important job: checking that the boats where in tip top condition and my little treat being £5 which to me at that age was like £100.
#4 his love for custard creams, mars bars and vienetta ice cream.. and of course his little girls.
#5 one of my most treasured memories is the summer holidays on the boat, feeding the ducks and having a go at steering the boat with the help from my grandad of course .

here's my message to you grandad: I think about you everyday whether it's your favourite songs that come on the radio or when I'm eating your favourite chocolate - it makes me sad you didn't see me grow into a strong minded young woman but I know you are watching me from above during the good and bad days. I will always be thinking of you as I get older & wiser, cherishing those lovely memories we made together. LOVE FROM YOUR LITTLE GIRL 

Hey It's Okay - Stop Being So Hard On Yourself ♡

I've always been my worst critic. I criticise everything about myself including the little things even when being complimented i never know how to react. I've decided I should start being kinder to myself and you should be nicer to yourself too.
Having studied media and  a little sociology at college I've lost count of how many seen and wrritten about the media's influence on body image and how we should look. It's true though. Think about the gossip magazines, and the side bar of shame, how many articles are about celebrities and their looks? You can't win and it messes with our minds. I feel that people in society including media don't realise the impact words and bullying have on young people, and this leads to mental health diagnosis and unfortunatly suicide. people think about the way they look because of how it is in the media, they think they haven't got the perfect body but there is no such thing as perfect

 I have been more accepting of myself, I try to not give myself such a hard time. I praise myself, and sometimes I'll even give myself a pat on the back. I remind myself I am a human, I make mistakes and no one is perfect. It's hard now we are obsessed with social media.We read blogs, and watch vlogs and other youtube videos and like instagram pictures, wondering why we don't look like that or have a life like that. The truth is, that no one is perfect or has a perfect life. Everyone filters their Instagram pictures including videos, and they don't show the messy bedrooms, or the days where we sit on the sofa with spots and the greasy hair. 
Don't compare your behind the scenes with someone else's highlight reel.

In your quiet moments, what do you think about? How far you’ve come, or how far you have to go? Your strengths, or your weaknesses? The best that might happen, or the worst that might happen..:

When you look in the mirror instead of thinking about the things you don't like, think about the things you do like and focus on them. Don't dwell on mistakes, think of stuff that makes you smile with pride, and don't be afraid of risks and failures. We only live once and wouldn't you of rather known what happened instead of the 'what if?'

 I have made a promise to be nicer to myself. I'll accept compliments, try to not complain about the things I don't like, and be proud of my achievements. I'll stop comparing myself to people and concentrate on being me, and no one else. Don't listen to anyone else, especially bullies. Don't let anyone tell you what/who to be.. Having turned a new chapter in my life, I have made a vow to stop being so hard on myself and be proud of my acheivements and more. and I want you to take that vow too. Embrace your imperfections and quirks, embrace everything! 

It's Okay List
#1 It really doesn't matter that your thighs touch together when your feet are together or even when they're apart. Anyways if your thighs touch, you're a step closer to being a mermaid so who's the real winner here? 
#2 It's totally normal to not have a flat tummy
#3 It's understandable when you just want a weekend to sleep and eat rather than blog. The world won't stop spinning. 
#4 Don't worry about that little splurge.. We all deserve a treat now and then. 
#5 Everyone's make up goes cakey from time to time
#6 It's fine to love your dog more than most people. 
#7 So what if you don't have several 0's after your blog/YouTube subscriber number. . 
#8 Yes it's fine to fancy the hottie in the band or tv series. It's cool they're over 20. 
#9 to have dreams, don't let people say you can't dream, whether that's believing in unicorns eveyone believes in unicorns right? Unicorns are pretty. Just because you get older doesn't mean you should stop dreaming.
#10 Be the person, you'd like to meet and be friends with  
#11 Conchita Wurst from The Eurovision Song Contest, has shown us that we are all badass and unstoppable 
#12 Everyone gets cellulite. Even the pretty, skinny people 
#13 Take that compliment. Don't think you'll look like Billy Big Balls if you say 'thank you.'  
#14 Stop being your own worst enemy, nobody is perfect, and that's what makes us unique. 
#15 It's fine that you don't understand the jargon at college or work, it doesn't mean you're dumb. 
#16 Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, focus on your strengths not weaknesses. Some people are strategic, some people are creative etc. 
#17 Calling someone else fat, won't make you a size smaller
#18 Try to be your own best friend, not your enemy. How will you expect anyone to believe in you, when you don't even believe in yourself? 
#19 to feel overhelmed with life, we all have those bad days where we feel helpless, worried, stressed, upset, confused about absolutely anything, just remember that you are only human 
#20 to have a break point, we aren't immune to pain or heartbreak 

“Love yourself, accept yourself, forgive yourself and be good to yourself, because without you the rest of us are without a source of many wonderful things.” ~Leo F. Buscaglia

Why I Blog and Love It

I started this blog early this year, originally it was just a place for me to be creative and get my thoughts & feelings out - along the way i started to fall in love with the whole blogsphere.
Growing up i loved writing in my journal if of course i wasn't sleeping just doodleling or writing the latest happenings of my childhood/teenage years so in a way i started blogging at a young age the old fashioned way.

I'd say i'm a avid blogger 20 years old and if i'm being honest i have loved the idea of blogging when i was 16 years olds, fresh out of school, confidence issues which pulled me further away from creating my lovely blogging home. It makes me so happy that people are actually reading my posts and enjoy them, following my journey as a newbie blogger as it's been said 'blog for yourself not for others' 
The Tales Of BeautifulxImperfections has become my lovely friend, helping me through my life journey. My words words about things i care about and love ~
#1 being able to express myself online.
#2 creating friendships within the blogging community
#3 boosting my confidences & self esteem
#4 having fun with writing
#5 inspiring and encouraging others

At 16 being diagnosed with depression and anxiety made me feel like it was the end of the world as silly as it may sound it did. So to deal with how i was feeling i started to write in a little notebook, reasons to feeling how i felt and how to deal with those emotions etc. I'd like to think if The Tales Of BeautifulxImperfections was created then i maybe would've got through my teenage years unscathed after years of bullying, writing is therapeutic, fun and relaxing. i love coming across other wonderful bloggers and their pretty blogs, gaining some inspiration. It's a lovely little community where you are creating new friendships and more.
Blogging also helps me gain more confidence in my writing and creativity. Since i was young i have wanted to in the media field and gain experiences but right now i'm loving writing on my blog and getting better with my writing skills, i would definitly love to write for magazines, websites etc in the future.

This blog helps me fall in love with writing again and how words can inspire & make an impact. Writing something whether its on paper or on a blog makes me feel accomplished, i see my little blog as my writing portfolio i mean who knows maybe this could turn into a career.
There wasn't really a moment where everything clicked, hey i'm still learning. but this has become one of my greatest passions and i can't wait to see what this blogging journey brings.

check out these pretty blogs ♡

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