YouTubers Who Inspire

Katy Bellotte (HelloKaty) & Zoe Sugg (Zoella

Whenever i'm on YouTube, i'm always watching my favourite YouTubers newest videos. There's so many i'm subscribed to, but two in particular inspire me: Katy and Zoe.

Katy for me is just real, flaws n'all who doesn't sugar coat the reality of life. She is beautiful in every way as a person and with the use of her words - she connects with her viewers on a personal level: growing up, fitting in etc. everything young people go through on their journey to adulthood, i just love her so much.

Along with Katy, Zoella does inspirational talks and videos with her viewers about anxiety and depression - something that i'm dealing with at the cusp of my adulthood.. Zoella also wrote a book called 'Girl Online' and the second instalment  'Girl Online: On Tour'  (which is out in October) features a character named Penny who deals with anxiety/social anxiety which is why i love Zoella, because she's using her words to inspire her viewers and readers.

Both these awesome YouTubers send an important message; embrace your uniqueness, flaws, and everything that makes you, you!

 Katy and Zoella are changing how young girls and women see themselves and that's making a positive impact - they are just inspiring and making things good in society... 

Follow Katy and Zoe on Twitter and check out their channel - below are my favourite videos from Katy and Zoe


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