Why You Should Be Watching Miranda & My "What I Call" Life Lessons.


Miranda is a show created by the lady herself: Miranda Hart, a British comedienne, and is a semi biographical sitcom. Ever since i saw the first episode, I've been hooked on this awesome sitcom. She's awkward, clumsy, pure and inexperienced - an underdog who we can relate to. This sitcom is one I'd never get tired of.

Relating to Miranda -

 In less than 3 episodes, you will most likely find yourself agreeing with Miranda, whatever she does or says. She believes in never giving up childish fun (and why should you?) i hope i don't become a serious adult, if it means giving up on things i find fun. She has feelings for her best friend from uni but doesn't know how to tell him, her mother wants her to hurry up and get married, her old friends won't let her live down the names she earned in school - i think most of us know how that feels. The situations in each episode are relatable - there are flashbacks of guys approaching Miranda in clubs & her reactions are always awkward, she falls off her stool, faints at the sight of beautiful Gary. Her lack of tact and genuine inability to act normal around men represent the real everyday woman. The humour in the show comes from these moments that Miranda creates & reacts as would most of the audience if they were in that situation (i would think).

Tom Ellis -

Okay, this man is very dishy. The chemistry he and Miranda have is great, you will root for Gary and Miranda to end up together and seal the deal (signed, sealed, delivered - excuse the pun) i guarantee it. There will be a need for them to be happy whether it's by themselves or together. Tom is just lovely, tall and handsome. You forget how tall both he and Miranda are watching a scene of them together.
Every good show needs a beautiful, intelligent, nice guy for the heroine to fall in love with and that's gorgeous Gary, who comes home after travelling and is working in the restaurant next door as the chef (a rather dishy one in fact). He has a soft spot for Miranda, just both of them together is adorable - you just root for them as a couple and they make you genuinely happy; with Gary's smile, sense of humour and how very handsome he is. I mean come on how could Miranda not be constantly swooning over him. The stories that emerge out of Miranda's interest in Gary and their close friendship are fantastic, whether they are making up excuses for playing with children's toys in Miranda's shop (managed by Stevie) or being asked to be god-parents to Gary's "awful friends" Chris & Alison, or just trying to figure out their relationship. Miranda & Gary are just a lovable couple that people want together.

Learning to Accept Yourself

One of the themes about Miranda is her self-actualisation. Over time, she is able to understand that she can realise her full potential. For example, although her career may be running a joke shop, it is in fact a credible and worthwhile business. In her relationships, there always seems to be some issue or awkward event, however when it comes down to it, she becomes aware that maybe Gary does love her and that they can live a happy life together. 
It also shows that it is important to love and accept yourself for who you are - embrace your quirks and everything with it. This show is a perfect example for this life lesson.

Inside Jokes
miranda animated GIF
The inside jokes the show creates for its viewers are memorable, repeatable and most importantly, funny. A number of times in the series, Stevie is inspired to put on her Heather Small face mask and sing in her not-half-bad Heather Small impression "What have you done today, to make you feel proud?" always prompting a pep talk for Miranda or a serious reflection on the happenings in the episode so far.
Other characters come with catch phrases too like Penny's use of " What I Call" for instance at one point she says " I was what i call mortified" & "such fun" whereas Tilly's catch phrase is "bear with x3" when on her phone.

The Shenanigans -

 When it comes to Miranda, the situations the characters get themselves into are generally genius. Whether Miranda is trying to prove she's adventurous by taking a vacation to the hotel down the street or just trying to cancel her gym membership etc. the setups, consequences and punchlines are awesome. The happenings and mishaps on the show are clever and are pretty believable when you think about it, which makes them much more hilarious - overall it is entertaining.
on with the, 'What I Call' Life Lessons...

#1 Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously.
"I've tried to be a grownup but i have no interest in living by the adult rule book. i want to do fun things that make me happy , which by the way, for the record, include making vegeta-pals. Meet Mr Butternut. You might call me a child. Good. If adults have even a slightest in the moment joy of a child then frankly the world would be a much better place" - She sums it up pretty well, while growing up we are taught to be more grown up, dignified and serious. We often make the false connection between behaviours & appearance and intelligence. But we don't need to take ourselves too seriously - its okay to goof around, laugh at funny words, sing out loud. It doesn't mean you're not mature. That attitude comes from other individuals insecurity, we are taught to 'act' dignified because that's how people judge each other & how i see it, if you are a dignified and mature person then you shouldn't be afraid of what people think of your jolliness to be honest.

#2 Love Is Important, But It's Not Everything
"Since i split up with Gary, I've finally worked out who i am" Miranda announced after her final break up with Gary, the one she's been in love with for 15 years. Their paths crossed numerous times but it seemed like it was too difficult, but at the end of this lovely sitcom, Miranda gave us a great ending: their wedding.
They had many bumps on the way but finally found each other. It's a great romance that everyone hoped to see but it was more meaningful because Miranda got to know herself more & found she could be more independent without love or Gary. Finding love is great, maybe the most important in ones life but it's not everything - learn to love yourself first and foremost.


#3 Know How To Entertain Yourself
Miranda is surrounded by a lovely group of friends - she's awkward & unique and doesn't let that affect her in negative way, instead she sings, dances, makes fruit friends etc. She's the perfect example to have, to know how to make yourself feel better, no matter what. Try to understand who you are and entertain yourself in those precious moments, watch a movie, dance, sing, have a TV series marathon - anything. i love that she finds joy in everything she does.


#4 A Friend To Share The Silliness With
Miranda and Stevie are best friends and business partners - but they have something special about their lovely friendship. While Stevie is a high-achiever, she's a constant support to Miranda & they enjoy their silly games and competitions. They play games like Where's Miranda & Pepperoni Jenga. It's important to have someone to share the silliness with, someone who doesn't judge or criticise. 

miranda hart Miranda sarah hadland me1k vicmiranda YES HAPPY  miranda hart Miranda sarah hadland me1k vicmiranda YES HAPPY

#5 Life Is (Or Can Be) A Musical
Sing and Dance as much as you can, whatever you find joy in, do it. As Miranda taught us over those 5 years, have fun with life!

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