Why I Heart Autumn/Fall + 20 Reasons To Be Excited For The Autumnal Season

It's nearly time for that magical time of year: Autumn, my favourite season and why? the colours, sweater weather. Autumn or Fall as said over in the US is so beautiful and calm. its perfect. I've been looking at pretty autumn/fall photo's which is certainly making me squeal with excited so on with why i love the beautiful Autumn weather and why you should also be excited..

crunchy leaves
hot coffee
that extra hour of sleep
cosy sweaters and leggings
nice smelling candles
curling up on the sofa/in bed with a blanket watching movies
the weather becomes dream-like
autumn/fall fashion


the smell of cinnamon
baking cookies
crisp air
new season of TV
hot chocolate
fuzzy socks

Are you excited to the Autumn weather? If you weren't excited for Autumn, I bet you are looking forward to it a lot more! 

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