Autumn Essentials

As of today (Wednesday 23rd September 2015) it's officially autumn! Autumn is the most beautiful time of the year, for me anyway all the cosy clothes come out and everything looks so pretty & fresh so for today's post to mark the lovely day of fall/autumn, here are my essentials for this lovely season..

Coffee/Hot Chocolate - i love those days where you have a piping hot coffee or hot chocolate in your favourite mug, i always like to have a hot drink on those cold autumn days whether it's a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Leggings & Boots - i love wearing my leggings and comfy boots during the autumn/winter time... the autumn fashion is the best just layers and layers of clothing.

Infinity/Chunky Scarves- they're so cosy and warm, its like being wrapped up in a blanket

Cosy Pyjamas/Onesie - who doesn't love getting the comfy onesies or pyjamas?

Comfy & Oversized Sweaters - this is one of the reasons why i love the autumn/winter weather, i would live in my cosy jumpers all year round if i could.

Maybelline Baby Lips - since I'm not a big fan of lipstick, i like to wear my baby lips lip balm during the colder weather to keep my lips moisturised with a hint of colour. Who knows maybe i will try out the darker lipsticks this year :)

Jewellery - i don't wear anything too crazy, just a cute necklace, a pair of earrings, a ring and a bracelet.

A Cosy Blanket and A Good Movie/TV Series - everybody loves a lazy day, snuggled with a blanket and a good movie or TV series. I'm one of those people who like to spend the lazy days either watching movies and blogging doesn't everyone 

Cuddles With The Dog - always have to have a cuddle with my lovely pug, spending the day with my dog always is something i like to do whether we're just watching movies together or curled up on the sofa watching a sitcom or trashy reality TV. who doesn't love having cuddles with your animal?

Cosy Slippers & Fuzzy Socks - a lazy day isn't complete without the fuzzy socks and slippers

Candles - candles are must during Autumn right? everyone loves a nice smelling candle during the autumn/fall time, good alternatives for candles would be a scented air freshener or a scented diffusers, they smell just as nice if you aren't allowed to have candles in your room..

Musical Playlist - having a personalised playlist during the seasons tend to make it more fun,don't you think? I'm in the process of creating a seasonal playlist which will be on my Spotify once it's complete. i like listening to anything calming or a favourite album etc it lifts my mood if I'm having one of those down days.

Duvet Days - this is an alternative for the blanket days especially if I'm ill, I'd gladly stay in my warm cosy bed with a movie or TV series etc because everyone needs a duvet day.

Big Chunky Handbag - I'm definitely one of those people that don't like having a small bag, like where am i going to put my notebook for blogging ideas or my phone and so on!? and all the other stuff i probably don't need in my bag but take it anyway.

A Good Book/Journal - i don't read as much as i probably should but hey who doesn't like a nice and calm journal session.. if I'm not reading i would probably be coming up with more blog ideas or watching a movie I've seen so many times before but love it anyway or even reading a magazine.

Hand Sanitiser/Cream - this is one thing or anything fragranced is worth carrying in your bag for the cold days. I'm either carrying one of each in my bag during the autumn season, you never know when you need to clean/moisturise your hands..

Warm Delicious Goods - a yummy Beef Stew & Dumplings with boiled potato's, carrots is a dish i like to have on those cold evenings.. Who doesn't like the signature autumnal dish!?

“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.” ― Lauren DeStefano, Wither

What are your Autumn/Fall essentials and How excited are you now that the much loved season is here?

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