50 Facts About Me

i figured you guys could get to know me better, so here are 50 lovely & slightly weird facts about me, enjoy!!

#1 i am hearing impaired
#2 i am a twin, born 1 minute before my sister at 3.47am
#3 i have a gorgeous pug named Benson

#4 the Jonas Brothers are my favourite band whom I've seen in concert (15th June 2009)
#5 my middle name is Louise, I'm named after a great grandmother i believe
#6 Chad Michael Murray is my childhood crush

#7 Strictly Come Dancing makes me want to learn how to dance... i envy those who can!
#8 i love catfish: the tv show, i could watch that show forever
#9 I'm always with the fairies apparently, i like think i find joy in everything

#10 I'm a fussy eater, I'm quite picky with the kinds of food i eat
#11 at 16 years old, i got diagnosed with depression & anxiety
#12 growing up i loved Bratz & the Rainbow Magic Book Series

#13 i would spend the rest of my life in sweaters, leggings and boots, they are the comfiest things to wear ever.
#14 i love Disney & romantic, comedy, drama movies. Pretty much just that kind of genre.
#15 Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of year. One word: SWEATER WEATHER

#16 i love reading other peoples blogs and look at the cute templates, colours, and style of fonts.
#17 my favourite subject at school was English
#18 Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, Mulan & Rapunzel are my favourite Disney princesses

#19 Demi Lovato and Hilary Duff are my favourite "fresh" out of Disney artists
#20 my favourite series are Miranda,The Fosters, One Tree Hill, Brothers & Sisters, NCIS and Glee
#21  i love having tv & movie marathons, they always make me feel better

#22 Purple is my favourite colour
#23 Katy Bellotte & Zoella are my favourite youtubers
#24 Miranda is one sitcom, i could watch it for days on end, it always cheers me and makes me laugh out loud

#25 i love pastel colours and pretty things
#26 i like reading cute & inspiring quotes
#27 i want to go to Disneyland so bad

#28 Dirty Dancing, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Flashdance and Sound of Music are my favourite movie classics 
#29 when i was younger, i wanted to be a Disney princess, who didn't!?
#30 i love anything with unicorns - plush toys,socks, t-shirts... Unicorns are awesome

#31 i didn't like coffee until a year or so ago, i like my coffee quite sweet enough to taste both the coffee and sweetness
#32 I'm scared of spiders, heights and moths (although i went up the Eiffel Tower, when i went to Paris for my 18th so i guess i already conquered that one?)
#33 sometimes i prefer animals to humans, i find they are kinder and have so much love to give

#34 i like shopping in Superdrug and Primark or anyway with a good bargain pretty much
#35 i love strawberry milkshake or anything strawberry flavoured
#36 when i was younger i couldn't sleep without my blanket which, I've had it since birth and my winnie the pooh dummy - i cried so much when i had to give up my dummy.

#37 growing up, LaLa was my favourite teletubbie and Fizz was my favourite tweenie
#38 i only like to wash my hair with herbal essence shampoo and conditioner
#39 growing up i thought the moon was a special light for peoples houses.
#40 i have a thing for guys with a stubble/little beard
#41 i want a tumblr inspired bedroom but I'm too lazy to even attempt it

#42 I'm not a morning person, i consider at time before 9am as the crack of dawn
#43 I'm very creative according to my family, i would like to think i am creative in some areas
#44 we have a kitten called Teddy, he has very distinguished features

#45 i was born 5 weeks premature, me and my twin had a condition called twin to twin blood transfusion (i had the white blood cells and my sister had the red blood cells) we also have this joke that, thats the reason why she likes the colour red
#46 i got my first set of hearing aids at 7 years old, the first thing i heard was the sea and i was so happy/excited to be able to hear and communicate better.
#47 Pierce Brosnan is my older man crush - if you were a 90's kid hes pretty your favourite James Bond actor.

#48 i watched Arthur growing up and know the words to the theme song, and the library card song. i still love watching Arthur whenever its on TV
#49 i've had 2 hamsters called Britney and Barbie, 1 rabbit called Bugs, 2 cats called Minky and PeePee, 3 dogs called Cola, Bo and Lucy growing up (not all at once) and now we have a lovely pug called Benson and a lovely kitty called Teddy.
#50 i'm a big cry baby when it comes to tv shows, music, and movies etc. i'm one big emotional balloon.

well, that was 50 facts about me. I hope you enjoyed the unique facts and getting to know me more, this was so fun to do.

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