20 Things That Will Instantly Boost Your Mood

I’ve rounded up 20 favourite instant mood boosters in case you’re in need of a little pick-me-up. Sometimes life can be stressful and overwhelming, but I’ve always believed that focusing on the little things make a big difference.

1. Make your favourite playlist. Fill it with happy, upbeat songs or ones that bring back good memories. Or even listen to insanly guilty pleasure songs too.

2. Write a list of things that make you happy. i find lists being great mood boosters or doesn't love a good list.

3. Read your favourite blogs or watch your favourite youtubers. whats better than reading lovely words/smiling youtubers little rambles, i've been doing this quite a lot recently and it instantly makes me feel better.

4. Have a hot bath or take a shower. i like to do this in the morning when i'm feeling a little groggy or even just before going to bed on a cold evening. It's rather calming with the bubbles and a little music in the background.

5. Make a hot drink. a tea, hot chocolate, a coffee or even a lemon & honey.

6. Pet an animal. animals are the kindest creatures on earth. hey, petting a dog is an instant mood booster and so is looking at adorable little animals such as ducks, cats, bunnies, dogs, pigs, monkey's etc on tumblr.

7. Watching your favourite tv series/movie. whats better than chilling in front of your tv or computer screen and binge watching your favourite show/film.

8. Look at inspirational quotes. or even print off a few of your favourite quotes and give your room a tumblr makeover.

9. Journal your thoughts. Give it a try; journaling is a powerful healing tool and it gives you a place to express yourself where you feel safe and open. Buy a nice notebook and devote some time each day to pouring your thoughts on the page.  Or even use your blog as a way to journal your life happenings and thoughts.

10. Write yourself a letter. try to separate yourself from your ego and give yourself a pep talk every now and then. “Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself.” as said by Cicero

11. Browse through tumblr. I do this when i feel sorry for myself/feel bored, and by browsing i don't mean look for the negative posts. look for the cute, funny and happy posts. mood booster right there.

12. Smile. even if you don't feel like it, it will make you feel better.

13. Relaxing Scent - having a scent diffusers or a candle are not only look nice but also very calming and smell lovely.

14. Go Shopping. even if its window shopping.

15. Always Make Yourself A Priority. you are your number 1 priority, always take time for yourself. Because you and your thoughts are what's together at the end of the day.

16. Have a pamper day. chocolate, cosy oversized sweaters & a feel good movie. Yes please.

17. Baking. why not bake cookies, cupcakes or whatever takes your fancy. who doesn't love the smell of food baking and turning into pure perfection.

18. Browse through your photos. i like to look through my camera roll/instagram for the pictures that make me happy from my family, dog, celeb crush & quotes... i end up with a smile afterwards.

19. Autumn. something about this season that makes you feel better, the beautiful outdoors, the crisp air... the fact it's getting closer to Christmas

20. Read a book. find a good book and get lost in the story.

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