What I'd Tell My Young Self

If you could got back in time to talk to your younger self - what would you say? If i got the chance to tell my 16 year old self, here's what i would tell her...

no one really knows what they're doing, you're not alone

your grades don't define you

stop beating yourself up for not being perfect, no one is

don't let the little things get you down, your gonna be okay

love and appreciate your mum, she loves you too much for you to hurt yourself emotionally

don't compare yourself, life is too short to not be different. Be You

it's okay to hang out with your twin during break, it's not weird (She's your true best friend)

it's not the end of the world being diagnosed with depression, at least you know its not you. You can deal with this, talk to people about how you feel and whats hurting you. You Are Not Defined By Your Mental Health

embrace your flaws, you are beautiful, you are a wonderful creation. You are awesome and rememeber don't change yourself to fit in, love yourself for who you are including your hearing impairment. <3

be kind to yourself, you are worthy and nothing less so don't think you are. Most importantly you are loved

Stay Awesome

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