iPhone Case Wishlist

i love being able to find cute iPhone cases with pretty patterns so here some cases that are on my mini wishlist <3 I've only got 2 cases so far since i first got my phone in April so i definitely need to add to my collection, i find it rather fun collecting little things like phone cases...

 1) IPHONE 6 CHARLOTTE CASE www.skinnydiplondon.com
2) IPHONE 6 GLITTER UNICORN CASE www.skinnydiplondon.com
3) IPHONE 6 100% MERMAID CASE www.skinnydiplondon.com
4) IPHONE 6 CHUBBY UNICORN CASE www.skinnydiplondon.com
5) IPHONE 6 BUTTERFLY CASE www.amazon.co.uk
6)  IPHONE 6 PUG LIFE CASE www.amazon.co.uk

i hope you liked this little post, what phone cases are on your wishlist? 
Stay Awesome

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