Music I Love From The 90's & 2000's + More

as you all know i like listening to music a lot of the time, it keeps be calm and happy & all that jazz... Can you imagine a life without music? I couldn't cope, that would be awful. Music is joyful and worth a thousand words. So here is what i enjoyed growing up..

Peter Andre (x)
ahh lovely Peter Andre (i think that would sum everything up) First off he was my first solo artist crush, his cover of Kiss The Girl was my favourite which i came across one day & Mysterious Girl is just overall so catchy - how can you not love Peter and this awesome track.

Hilary Duff (x)
i first came across this beautiful gem when i saw A Cinderella Story which was one of my favourite films growing up. If i'm being honest i listened to this album non stop especially Wake Up, Fly, Come Clean, So Yesterday etc. Still to this day, Hilary is one of my favourite female solo artists - She is awesome

S Club 7 (x)
my sister and i loved this band growing up, having little dance parties and singing contests, they had so many catchy songs like Reach and Don't Stop Movin.

Westlife (x)
Another band me and my sister loved growing up, i genuinely thought the songs they sang were all orignals by them especially Uptown Girl (i know, it was orignally by Billy Joel - i felt a little silly when i found that out) they covered so many awesome classics which were the best covers in my opinion - Westlife are just overall amazing.. 

Kelly Clarkson (x)
She is one of my favourite solo artists and not to forget to mention she has many awesome classics like Breakaway, Because Of You and Since You've Been Gone.. Kelly is pretty awesome 

Jonas Brothers (x) 
well what could i say about this awesome band? they are my absolute faves, i remember when i first heard their music like it was yesterday, these guys remain one of my favourite bands to this day - just listening to them just brightens up my mood ... The Greatest Band Ever (as i was writing this, i was thinking 'why haven't they done a greastest hits album') I can never just choose one favourite song from the Jonas Brothers because to be honest i loved pretty much every song

Take That (x)
this band is amazing, i mean hello have you seen these men, brilliant songwriters with awesome songs, i could listen to them forever on repeat. Gary Barlow is just lovely. What's quite weird is my mum used to listen to them when they first started out and nowadays its me and my sister that likes listening to their music. Patience, Greatest Day, Said It All, Back For Good and Rule The World amongst many others are my favourites.

Britney Spears (x)
i should think everyone growing up in the 90's loved Britney or listened to her music, i just love Hit Me Baby One More Time and Oops I Did It Again - those are classics that you can't help but sing along to, again this is another artist i listen to quite a lot.

Honourable Mentions: Jesse McCartney, Pussycat Dolls, Ricky Martin, Spice Girls, Enrique Iglesias, Justin Timberlake, Steps & Beyonce..

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iPhone Case Wishlist

i love being able to find cute iPhone cases with pretty patterns so here some cases that are on my mini wishlist <3 I've only got 2 cases so far since i first got my phone in April so i definitely need to add to my collection, i find it rather fun collecting little things like phone cases...


i hope you liked this little post, what phone cases are on your wishlist? 
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Miranda | The Sitcom

Miranda brings me quite a bit of joy, the jokes just makes me laugh days on end. We all have a little bit of Miranda in us - a socially awkward woman who finds herself singing when she or other people accidentally talk in song lyrics, the woman in love with her best friend from university. The enthusiastic about everything woman. The woman who doesn't believe other can love her because she has trouble loving herself. She is you. She is me. She is very real and that's why we love her. Miranda Hart is phenomenal.


 tv show miranda hart Miranda gifmine mirandatv

Miranda is surrounded by her wonderful from her Heather Small singing bestie Stevie to the love of her life dishy chef, Gary. We all have/want a friend as fun as Stevie & a lovely man like Gary who we love. Lets not forget Miranda's over bearing, over meddling 'Such Fun' mother Penny and posh friend who talks gibberish, Tilly.



On to the lovely relationship that is Miranda & Gary. I've rooted for these two pretty much since series 1, i guess everyone did right? - how could you not, they are absolute dorks together. Who aren't as different as you would imagine they'd be, you realise Gary loves Miranda as much as she loves him and you know it couldn't be any other way: they're each others "the one" and it feels wrong if they aren't together. Miranda & Gary Forever




The show left on a happy note, like you'd expect it to - Miranda addresses her audience, like she always does at the beginning of every episode, i hope to see this lovely sitcom back on our screens in the future and soon because this sitcom was awesome to watch. i will keep my inner child above the surface, i can enjoy galloping, people with funny names, fruit friends and of course sing song lyrics when someone inevitably talk in song lyrics. I will always find the euphemism in everything and to remember sometimes just needs to be jollied.


here's a wonderful quote by the lady herself: "We are all unique, which makes us beautiful; so never despair, and just chill the hell out about it all."
— Miranda Hart - Is It Just Me?

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100 Little Things Worth Being Happy About

each of these make me happy, they make me smile and whats better than doing a list of 100 things?

1) movie marathons
2) feeling beautiful
3) old photographs
4) fireworks
5) animals
6) christimas morning
7) freshly, baked cookies
8) your favourite band
9) cozy, warm sweaters
10) pretty flowers
11) ben & jerry's cookie dough ice cream
12) free wifi
13) music
14) getting lost in your favourite book
15) long hugs
16) fresh smelling perfume
17) watching a disney movie
18) bows
19) autumn/fall & winter
20) you are unique
21) cuddles with your dog
22) new season of your favourite show
23) our family dog and cat
24) awesome youtubers ie Katy Bellotte and Zoe Sugg
25) sleeping in
26) morning coffee
27) pretty rings
28) making someone smile
29) road trips
30) feeling pretty
31) Paris
32) the smell of lavender
33) when your make up is on point
34) Demi Lovato
35) fairy lights
36) pretty artwork
37) your awesome blog
38) sunsets
39) cute emojis
40) lip syncing to your favourite song
41) rainbows
42) a dogs unconditional love
43) feeling inspired
44) beautiful disney/pixar animation
45) watching your favourite tv series
46) people complimenting you
47) songs relating to how you feel
48) butterflies
49) pretty stationary
50) glitter & all pretty things
51) pyjamas straight from the tumble dryer
52) summer holidays
53) looking over beaches
54) jonas brothers music
55) unicorns
56) darren criss existing
57) a dogs excitment when you come through the door
58) being yourself
59) family & friendship
60) inspiring quotes
61) leaves turning glorious shades of warmth
62) cute romantic movies/chick flicks
63) sitcoms
64) believing in myself
65) movie soundtracks
66) feeling cute in your outfits
67) shopping
68) plush toys
69) fluffy cushions
70) easter eggs
71) a nice warm bath on a cold day
72) minions
73) starbucks
74) crunchy leaves
75) smell of rain
76) memories
77) cupcakes
78) freshly mowed grass
79) snow globes
80) pretty jewelry
81) the sound of music
82) jonas brothers concert
83) pastel colours
84) getting into a good boxset
85) candles
86) flower crowns
87) the overtones
88) pretty patterns
89) my iPhone
90) christmas decorations
91) finding my 'positive'
92) ribbons
93) wrapping up all warm & snug in the winter
94) beautiful colours - like lilac and purple
95) the smell of freshly clean clothes
96) new makeup
97) reality tv
98) meeting louis smith and chris colfer
99) social media
100) feeling accomplished

thank you for reading this post, what 100 little things make you happy?

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Beauty Wishlist ♡

I'm always on the look out for new affordable products & since the new season will soon be upon us, so here is what is on my little beauty wishlist.

what is on your beauty wishlist?

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What I'd Tell My Young Self

If you could got back in time to talk to your younger self - what would you say? If i got the chance to tell my 16 year old self, here's what i would tell her...

no one really knows what they're doing, you're not alone

your grades don't define you

stop beating yourself up for not being perfect, no one is

don't let the little things get you down, your gonna be okay

love and appreciate your mum, she loves you too much for you to hurt yourself emotionally

don't compare yourself, life is too short to not be different. Be You

it's okay to hang out with your twin during break, it's not weird (She's your true best friend)

it's not the end of the world being diagnosed with depression, at least you know its not you. You can deal with this, talk to people about how you feel and whats hurting you. You Are Not Defined By Your Mental Health

embrace your flaws, you are beautiful, you are a wonderful creation. You are awesome and rememeber don't change yourself to fit in, love yourself for who you are including your hearing impairment. <3

be kind to yourself, you are worthy and nothing less so don't think you are. Most importantly you are loved

Stay Awesome

Pretty Blogs | Bloggers I Love

Since i’ve started blogging, just a few months ago and still learning. I’ve been getting inspirations from fellow bloggers and discovering new blogs so here are my favourites, they're all beautifully made and interesting in different ways!

i’ve only discovered this lovely blog by Corrie just about a week ago and love it so much already, i find myself in bed trying to read a bunch of her lovely post before her new post... Shooting lots of love to you Corrie!! Follow this beauty on Twitter too

I came across this blog by Jackie via bloglovin, it such a pretty blog and the layout is awesome, another blog i find myself reading alot for reviews and recommendations...

Okay this blog is just like heaven with unicorns, hearts etc... this blog is run by Jemma , i love the layout and pictures, its just awesome

Okay so this lovely blog by Fleur was the first one i came across and loved, she’s so lovely yet another blog i’ve been finding myself reading

This was the 2nd  blog i found myself following by Mandy , the layout is awesome and always find myself look at this particular blog for inspiration.. 

Which bloggers or blogs have you been loving?
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My Favourite Films Growing Up

Films aren't just things that we watch when we're bored, right? Okay maybe they are but movies are fun to watch and for some of us, films are much more than that. They inspire us, they motivate us, they can make us feel better,some we just love & watch endlessly.... Thank you for inspiring this lovely post idea Corrie: who has become another one of my favourite blogs <3

A Cinderella Story

Hilary Duff chad michael murray cinderella story

Oh, how much i loved this film growing up, Chad Michael Murray is the handsomest jock ever - i had such a big crush on him still do actually. I'm not gonna lie this film did give me some false hope about high school, idk but i was expecting a version of Austin Ames to turn up and we'd fall in love etc... Still to this day is one of my favourites and still waiting for my moment in the rain surely everyone wanted that moment right? ;) This movie is just perfection.

The Little Mermaid

This was my favourite Disney movie growing up, i just love how confident Ariel is and when she makes her mistakes she admits to them & learns from them and lets not forget how perfect Ariel's hair is... Of course i had a crush on lovely Eric growing up. But one thing i love about this movie is Eric loves all of Ariel, He initially falls in love with her voice when she saves him, and spends a lot of the movie wondering about the girl who saved him, but when Ariel turns up on land without her voice, he starts slowly falling for her all over again. When he realises the melodic singer that saved him and the voiceless girl who’s charmed him are one in the same, it’s such a great moment for us the viewer because he realises what we knew all along: he’s fallen for all of Ariel. - He never asked her to change and that's why i love Eric and Ariel's love story and the adorable Flounder (i wanted my own little guppy).

Sound Of Music


i first saw this movie when i was younger probably when i was 13 or so, since my mum got me to watch it and i loved it but love it even more now i always watch it. I particularly loved the love story between Maria and The Captain & still do... One thing that makes me laugh is that i thought nun's always sang at random times... On with the most sweetest dance between The Captain and Maria, that was so beautiful and the looks they gave each other was even more beautiful... Not to forget how handsome Christopher Plummer is as Captain Von Trapp and how adorable little Gretl is... Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer's chemistry is lovely.

Dirty Dancing

Another movie in my teens i saw and loved, how could you not it's girl meets boy at summer camp and fall in love.. Who didn't fall in love with Johnny Castle? The perfect summer movie romance.. Maybe being picked to perform on the stage with the hottest dance instructor doesn’t seem realistic, but when we put characters into improbable circumstances, we still get the real actions and feelings. We see the way Baby feels the first moment she notices Johnny. We see the moment when he looks at her for the first time in a interested way 
The movie is not promising happily ever after. They live one summer of love, respect, and genuine caring for each other shown on multiple occasions, it’s not about lust but intimacy and love. Two people see each other as out of their league, they feel good together, and they inspire each other.
Camp Rock

Need to say why i love this movie, of course its the Jonas Brothers that made me love this film (i had a pretty hardcore crush on these guys) and it introduced me to the awesome Demi Lovato... How i'd love to be sung to by the Jonas Brothers or in particular Joe..

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

okay, as much as the film title is weird, the film is so funny and true to 14-15 year old girls, i love it. - Based on the books by Louise Rennison, it explains the life of awkward Georgia.  The film totally got across what it's like being in that awkward teen phase. Having to deal with moustaches, hair crisis's and first kisses. I also fancied the pants of Robbie aka Aaron Taylor Johnson

Beauty & The Beast

another Disney classic i loved growing up, about a beautiful, intelligent young woman who falls in love with a jerky, well, Beast.
And don’t we all love Belle? Is she not one of the most admirable Disney Princesses, due to her self-reliance, loyalty, and lack of hesitation to say “no”? Yes, yes, she is. Thank you, sweet Belle, for giving us a great example of a real woman in Disney style and we can't forget adorable little Chip

High School Musical

okay, who didn't love singing along to HSM and crushing on the very handsome Troy Bolton aka Zac Efron - the beginning of my crush on lovely Zac, it was pretty hardcore just like my crush on the Jonas Brothers.

The Princess Diaries

you can't help but love this film, because of Julie Andrews as Queen is pretty awesome  - She's someone you would love as your grandmother, lets not forget how relatable Mia is as the outsider, wouldn't be so cool to have a long lost grandmother turn up and tell you that you're in line for the throne..

Honourable Mentions: Mean Girls, 13 Going On 30, Mulan, The Chronicles Of Narnia, Aladdin, Step Up, Bend It Like Beckham and Mamma Mia, amongst many more... i suppose you could say I'm a film fanatic (I'm just slightly picky with films)

What were your favourite movies growing up?

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