Travel Wishlist | Where I Would Love To Visit

Austria - Vienna & Salzburg
my love for The Sound of Music made me want to visit both of the cities, they sound lovely and quite pretty i think - of course i want to see where the sound of music was filmed that's a must.

Italy - Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan & Verona
Yes, loads of places on the Italian border i want to visit, Italy has many beautiful cities and attractions, of course i want to try the food there especially the ice cream & pasta :)

France - Paris, Cannes, Nice 
After going to Paris for my 18th birthday, I've been wanting to go back and explore more of France and many more.

Australia - Melbourne & Sydney
One word:  Neighbours, kidding well kinda. I definitely want to explore the beautiful cities that are Sydney and Melbourne. I love the Aussie accents too.

Germany - Berlin & Frankfurt
I'd like to visit one of the beautiful capitals of Europe. Berlin and Frankfurt sound like beautiful places worth visiting

USA - New York & California
The US is definitely one country i want to visit, i like the idea of having an American road trip. New York is one city i want to visit along with LA or just California in general, its been on my list pretty much since i was 13 years old ;) and see a Broadway show and other amazing things to do in NY

This is one place i want to visit so badly since i was a little girl and still the inner child of me is still wishing for that <3

Denmark - Copenhagen
I mainly want to visit Copenhagen because of how awesome the city (and word) sounds, it sounds rather lovely 

Mexico City
another city want to visit, idk i mean have you seen the skyline is looks beautiful.

South Africa - Cape Town & Johannesburg
well for South Africa, Wild At Heart played a part in wanting to visit this country, Cape Town sounds pretty awesome to visit.

i hope you liked my short but sweet travel wishlist - what is on your travel wishlist?

Stay Awesome

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