Jonas Brothers Appreciation Post

my favourite band, pretty much ever! These guys are awesome so whats better than doing an appreciation post dedicated to the Jonas Brothers - it still makes me feel sad they broke up but it doesn't stop them from being gentlemen <3

#1 The''Burning Up' book... and it is STILL sitting on my bookshelf in my room

#2 SOS music video! this was the first song i heard from them and it's awesome. Look how adorable these guys look <3

#3 Joe's rock star hair <3 don't ask - i had little thing for Joe's hair..


#4 Their Smiles - just seeing them being happy just makes me smile.

#5 Camp Rock!! & Kevin's straight hair phase. How awesome was Camp Rock


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#6 Their albums are my favourites, i don't have a favourite album has such just songs i listen to from the albums 


#7 Kevin & Danielle (Kenielle) = my real life otp <3

 Kevin and Danielle Jonas shared a kissing selfie.

#8 Seeing them in concert <3 (awkward 13 year old)

#9 YOUNG JONAS. *awwhhhhhhhh*


#8 photo shoots!! i loved seeing new pictures of the guys - so here are some of my favourites.  
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#9 Music Video's - i live for these especially the classic Jonas videos <3

Burnin' Up

When You Look Me In The Eyes

Hold On

Pom Poms


First Time

#10 their quotes are just lovely  

well i hope you enjoyed reading this appreciation post, do you love the Jonas Brothers like me?

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