I'm Loving... Lots Of Lovely Things #1

Hello!! wondering what I have been loving lately? well here's  a list of all the wonderful things i've been loving for this past month <3

The Sound Of Music

since i've got this dvd i've been watching it an awful lot with my sister having sing alongs which have been annoying my mum quite a bit haha... This is a film everyone should see or should have seen (including crushing on Christopher Plummer as Captain Von Trapp)

Hayley Kiyoko - Girls Like Girls Music Video

this video has pretty much taken the internet by storm, its one badass video and that's why i've been loving this awesome video.

“Beyond the love story the video also has a theme of self-acceptance and standing firm for what we want and believe in. Whether you’re fighting yourself, your feelings, or the judgements of others; the despair, joy and relief felt when you’re true to yourself makes it all worthwhile” - Hayley Kiyoko

Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry Me

i love the baby lips because it just keeps my lips moisturised but adds a pop of colour, so right now I'm loving the Cherry one (it tastes quite nice too). Baby Lips overall is just awesome


I've been loving this for numerous of reasons actually but i won't bore you so in short, this app is pretty awesome to keep updated with your favourite bloggers and other bloggers to follow your blog. You can keep updated with this blog here: tales of beautiful imperfections

 Zoella Body Mist

I've been trying to purchase Zoella beauty collection for while but didn't have much luck whenever i went shopping so thankfully i found this while shopping on my birthday.. the packaging is cute and it smells lovely, I've been complemented from my family about this so I'm pretty happy with this although I've been trying not to use it alot as i don't want to waste it away.

My Cute Cushions and Ottoman

yes, i'm sure it seems weird as to why i've put this in my 'I'm Loving' collection, but tbh it looks cute by my makeup table and the cushions are just so adorable. I forgot to take a picture of my lovely new butterfly curtains which i love aswell <3


out of the two of us my sister loves minions the most but since seeing the Minions movie i can't help but just gush over how adorable they are, how can you not love the minions.

Sound Of Music Soundtrack

this soundtrack is just as good as the film itself, Edelweiss, Something Good, Do Re Mi, My Favourite Things, Lonely Goatherd are my favourites from the soundtrack. Julie Andrews voice is lovely to listen to

YouTuber: HelloKaty

Katy Bellotte is such an inspiring, genuine, beautiful person, wouldn't she be awesome as a bestie!? She is so beautiful inside and out, her outlook on life is honestly everything you could ever wish for <3

Hilary Duff Breathe In Breathe Out Album

Hilary has been one of my favourite artists since i was young and waiting for this album was torture but she didn't disappoint -  i just love this album so much, I've been listening to this on Spotify on repeat. Rebel Hearts, Sparks, Night Like This, Brave Heart and Tattoo are my favourites from this album so far.

Stay Awesome

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