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having a browse through the Internet and found this lovely tag, considering I've not done a questions tag in a while i figured why not do one today :)

Are you named after someone?
Not that i can think of, i guess mum liked Simone and decided it would be the perfect fit - my middle name however is Louise after my great grandmother

If you were another person,would you be friends with yourself?
yeah! i think i would, I'm awesome friend according to people ;)

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
would reality TV be one? i love myself some Catfish: The TV Show - i watch that religiously

Do you like handwriting?
yeah, i think i do actually - writing in general is fun 

What is your favourite cereal?
hmm, it would have to be Jordan's Country Crisp Strawberries. It's so yummy!!!

What is the first thing you notice about people?
body language? eyes maybe - it's pretty much between those two i reckon

What is the colour of your eyes?

Scary movies or Happy endings?
HAPPY ENDINGS! I love anything with a happy ending, i love a good romance <3

Favourite TV show?
I've been loving The Fosters! (AAANNNDD Brothers & Sisters, Glee, One Tree Hill, Wild At Heart....) the list could keep going to be honest ;)

Winter or Summer?
definitely Winter because sweater weather is the best and i'm not cut out for the heat - it's kinda gross

Hugs or Kisses?
Both? although i would say i am a hugger and love receiving hugs :)

Special Talent?
i'm not sure i have one actually.. my creativity?

Where were you born?
Kettering, UK (i'm not sure if anyone's heard of it but oh well)

Writing, Blogging

Do you have any pets?
yep, i have a pug named Benson and a domestic short hair kitten called Teddy (he's my sisters kitten but i liked like to this our pets are everybodies in our little family)

Favourite Movie?
i can never have just one as i'm a sucker for romantic movies. (chick flick/rom com favourites)

What colour is your car?
i don't have a car but if i did I'd like a cute little Citron in the colour purple

What do you want to be when  you grow up?
i wanted to be many things like a Disney Princess, and according to my mum i wanted to follow celebrities around (not in a weird way just to interview them haha)

well that was fun! Thanks for reading and just checking out my blog, it makes me very happy <3 

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Stay Awesome

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