What's On My iPhone

whenever i'm on youtube i like to have a nose around the "what's on my iPhone" videos. In this post i will be showing you where i got my phone case to what apps i use.

iPhone & Case

i currently have the silver 16GB iPhone 6, which is pretty much my baby. if i'm being honest if i go anywhere without my phone i have a little panic. My iPhone case is from Amazon (good ol amazon) here's the link if you want to purchase it yourself : iPhone floral case it's a cute girly case.
It does a good job on protecting my phone just a tad, although i should probably get a screen protector.

Background - Lock Screen

my lock screen is a collage of my favourite band the Jonas Brothers that i made myself and i'm pretty proud of it tbh :) i made the collage using Pic Collage

just a pretty heart background i found on papelook, it looks rather nice with the apps.


so the first set i have would be Dropbox, YouTube, Spotify, BBC iPlayer & Bloglovin. Idk why i still have Dropbox on my phone but hey it's handy. obviously i have YouTube to watch videos, Spotify to listen to my playlists and other favourites i might have while getting ready or just to cheer myself up. BBC iPlayer i have just because i'm a little lazy with logging on to a laptop to watch something so that's handy to have on my phone to watch whatever i want. Lastly Bloglovin, i've only recently got this and its helpful to follow other blogs and see who's folllowing this blog :)

on the next page if you'd like to call it that, i have a folder titled 💜  i have my social media platforms and messenger apps. Twitter, Instagram & Tumblr, i love so much i'm pretty much on social media by the time i wake up to the time i go to sleep. I have Facebook to stay in contact with friends and family - i like using Facebook just not as much as the others. So you can follow me on Twitter - SimonexLouise , Tumblr - xourbeautifulimperfectionsx , Instagram - simonexoxlouise <3 
So again i have Whatsapp, Kik, FB Messenger and Viber to stay in contact with family, friends and people on my social platforms.

this folder i just have for my photo editing apps to make collages or edits. I use Pic Collage and Fotor quite a bit. I guess i like to use all of them to make collages and other stuff :) these apps are free if you want download them, they are all pretty awesome to use

since i'm not really a big gamer, i just have Covet & Kim Kardashian: Hollywood - these are fun to play with. i have to be honest the Kim Kardashian game is pretty addictive although i'm not as addicted i was when i first downloaded it.

well thats it for this post, thanks for reading or just checking out my blog. Have a good rest of the day
What apps are your favourite? let me know!

Stay Awesome

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