Special Throwback!

so something awesome happened 6 years yesterday - i went to see my favourite boyband Jonas Brothers in concert! & 2 years today i went to Chris Colfer's book signing.

15th June 2009

yesterday was 6 years since i saw Jonas Brothers & Demi Lovato at Wembley! My 13 year old self was like a little kid on Christmas morning, who got up early! I listened to the Jonas Brothers albums on my mp3 player on the car journey there, ready to rock out at the concert! 

I remember buying the tour t-shirt, poster, the tour programme & of course Lines Vines Trying Times album which i still all have :') This concert was most definitely an amazing early birthday present. I still remember how the Jonas Brothers are live & queen Demi of course, it was just so much fun! 

16th June 2013

Today is 2 years since i met Chris Colfer at his book signing at Bluewater in Kent and everybody was singing Don't Stop Believing while we were queuing which was pretty funny! I didn't have any sleep just 5 minutes shut eye but hey that's what nap's in cars are for ;)
Meeting Chris was lovely and he was really sweet even if it was just 10 seconds - when i left i couldn't stop smiling, it was an awesome day!

i hope you liked this short post! Those days were pretty awesome. Keep a look out for more posts coming soon!!

Stay Awesome

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