Now I'm A Warrior - Self Acceptance

i got this blog post inspiration from a favourite youtuber of mine @hellokaty. i wanted to talk about what i struggled with growing up/ in my teens before i became confident in my own skin...

Growing up we all have our struggles with self worth and accepting what makes us different from other people.
At the age of 7, i got my first hearing aids (i had a certain amount of hearing loss when i was born) - i was pretty excited to get my hearing aids with colourful ear molds, it was the first time i could hear the sea when we had a day at the beach, i was so happy! 
Soon as i entered high school, other kids started to be cruel about my hearing impairment because they didn't quite understand what it meant and also because i did things slightly different to help myself succeed in school - in the last 2 years of school the bullying had become worse, with cyber-bullying, taunting emotionally making me feel worthless.

After i had finished high school, i took things out on myself by hurting myself and cried for help. A few months after this i was diagnosed with depression & anxiety - i underwent counselling weekly after my diagnosis and it helped me a lot dealing with those inner demons. 

It took me a while to be confident in my own skin and because of what happened in school it has made me a stronger person. Over the last few years I have finally accepted myself and love who I am with my hearing impairment and mental illness. I don't need to be anyone else but myself and that's good enough.
I am unique, I am me!
I am not defined by my hearing impairment or my depression.

You are enough, you are beautiful.

"you are beautifully & wonderfully made!" - Demi Lovato

Every imperfection makes you, you!

if you are having a kind of self doubt, repeat this to yourself <3

Thank You for reading this post, i hope in anyway this is helpful for you guys.

Stay Awesome

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