My Favourite Disney Films

Thought it would be fun to do a post of my favourite disney movies and why! Here are the 10 favourites in no particular order. Enjoy!

The Little Mermaid

 This was by far my favourite disney movie growing up, having sick days was fun just to watch this film all day on repeat. I also had a crush on Prince Eric - his lovely blue eyes & nicely combed hair. I remember asking my mum if i could be a mermaid just so i could marry Prince Eric! Not to forget how pretty Ariel was and how envious of her lovely red locks i was, wanting an awesome side-kick like Flounder
I would always sing along to the songs to my hearts content and still do to this day which i'm pretty sure annoyed my mum and sister...


Tangled is such a lovely movie, the animation is beautifully done. My favourite song from the movie would have to be "I See The Light". Pascal and Maximus are a funny animal duo - can i have a chameleon like Pascal?
This film is yet again one of my favourites.

Beauty & The Beast

I love the story between the Beast and Belle, she didn't about what he looked like, she liked the person inside. Its such a cute movie with a message that is love comes in all forms.
This movie is one of my sisters favourites.

High School Musical

i remember seeing this when i was in my first year of high school & most girls were obsessed with this film, i mean Troy Bolton was a dreamboat - everyone had a crush on him! Whether you admitted it or not.
Still enjoy a HSM marathon every now and then including a sing along!

Camp Rock

so the main reason i saw this film was because of the Jonas Brothers & this was the time a became a fan of Demi Lovato. My favourite songs were pretty much every song Joe sang with his brothers and "This Is Me". Yep i'm a Jonas & Demi fan <3
I enjoy watching this over and over & having sing along marathon every now and then.


This was another one of my favourites growing up. I wanted a pet monkey who was just like Abu and my own genie in the lamp along with a love like Aladdin & Jasmine.
Of course "A Whole New World" is my favourite song to sing along to. This is perfect to have a Disney marathon.

Jonas Brothers 3D Movie

Of course this would be in the list, its the Jonas Brothers after all. I remember having to wait till it came out on DVD because the concert nearest to where i live didn't show it - i was very sad.
Obviously i love this because the Jonas Brothers are my absolute faves & every song is so catchy - i sing along to the soundtrack on my ipod.
It was an entire film of the Jonas Brothers, whats not to love!?


 I love this movie because it showed girl power which is a power message. I liked that Mulan went against the rules and showed her bravery. i, of course wanted the little cricket. Another movie i love to watch from time to time.


Another one of my favourites. I love that Cinderella worked hard for where she wanted to be. Can a fairy godmother come to me & grant my wish of a dashing prince?


Yet again watching this while growing up i wanted a pet gorilla like Terk. The love story between Tarzan and Jane was adorable. Another movie perfect for a Disney marathon. I just loved the gorillas a little too much.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. What are your favourite disney movies? Until next time, have a good day, afternoon, evening, where ever in the world you are.

Stay Awesome

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