Love Your Imperfections

i wanted to talk about this particular quote because a) it's an awesome quote b) because i love it - it has a good affect on me.
We all had/have trouble figuring ourselves out, not understanding ourselves, wishing to be different - to be somebody else but you what? it doesn't make us feel any better, it just makes you feel worse. 

We should show the real us, the flawed imperfect self because we are who we are, everything comes in different shapes & sizes - it took me quite a bit of time to really love myself and not to give a damn what other people think of me because how i feel about myself is more important that some other persons opinion of who i am.

We should be spreading love not hate because in the long run hatred kills all things beautiful.

We are good enough
We are worthy 
We are loved
We are unique
We are all beautiful

your imperfections make you beautiful, they make you who you are - Demi Lovato

reach out and help those who are struggling too 
be kind to yourself! <3

Stay Awesome

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