Little Things That Make Me Happy

here are the little things that make me happy, enjoy! :)

Romantic/Girly Movies: idk something about romance in movies or even tv series just makes me happy, i guess i'm a sucker for romance, whats not to love about romance?

My Pug, Benson: he always makes me smile, he's adorable everything about him makes me happy <3

Music/My iPod: music always makes me happy, who doesn't love a little jam session!?

My Family/My Twin Sister: being with family tends to make me feel a bit better when i'm in a rubbish mood, my sister and my young cousins cheer me up with their craziness

Shopping: I'm always happy going shopping, looking around clothes shops etc. nothing like retail therapy to cheer you up

Autumn/Winter: Autumn & Winter are my favourite time of year, the leaves and snow are pretty and not to forget hot drinks

Sweater Weather: one of the reasons i love Autumn & Winter, theres nothing like a warm cosy jumper

Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice Cream: my favourite kinda ice cream pretty much. i would have this everyday if i could ;-)

This Blog: i've thought of writing a blog during high school but didn't feel it would be good enough - since i've created this blog i've grown confident writing. It just makes me happy that you are reading me posts 

Cuddles: having a cuddles with my dog or my family always makes me feel better

TV Series: nothing is better than fangirling over your favourite tv series and characters/couples - which bring me joy <3

Jonas Brothers: these are my favourite band ever, seeing them in concert in 2009 made me so happy, their music always lifts my mood - i miss them so much!!

Blaine Anderson & Connor Stevens: these two are precious & so adorable, my favourite characters from Glee and The Fosters <3 how can you not love them

Feeling Beautiful: nothings better than feeling beautiful in your own skin and inspiring quotes help me do just that. we are uniquely different & beautiful.

My iPhone: my phone is my baby, it's essential. i can't be without my phone haha

well thats todays post, all the little things that make me happy or smile, what are the little things that make you happy?

Stay Awesome

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