Hello Katy - YouTuber

Hey Guys! so today's post i'm gonna talk with you about one of my favourite youtubers right now @hellokaty <3

only this year i came across the awesome Katy Bellotte's youtube channel & i'm glad i did because she's amazing - her videos are so inspiring yet real, the positivity she sends through her videos just makes me smile.

If you're not familiar with Katy, she joined youtube in December 2009 creating lifestyle, fashion and beauty videos. 
Her confidence and attitude is awesome, Katy just promotes a good state of mind.
I just love that she advices people on inner beauty and everything else young kids maybe going through 

Watching her videos inspire me and my blogging 
& honestly she inspires me as person with her words
she helps me learn to love myself just like Demi Lovato helps me
Thank You Katy <3

Here are some video's of Katy's i love

you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram
Don't forget to subscribe to her channel HelloKatyxo

well that's today's post, i hope you enjoyed it! This girl deserves more people to see her awesomeness. Until next time..

Stay Awesome

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