5 Reasons To Watch The Fosters!

The Fosters is back for a new season and what's better than listing why everyone should watch this amazing series! So here are 5 reason's you should watch The Fosters. Enjoy!!

1) Reality Of The Show: The Fosters is very real, the show tackles real life issues so well & the truth is no family is perfect. As said in one of the episodes "DNA doesn't make a family. Love does"
It also shows how open-minded the world has become and its awesome to see.

2) Celebrates The Characters Differences: every character has different qualities and it celebrates being different and that it's not a bad thing standing out from the crowd.

3) The Relationships/ The Couples: most of the featured couples are OTP worthy, the relationships between them are lovely but of course my OTP would be Jonnor (Jude & Connor) because of how pure and innocent the relationship :)
Lets not forget the relationship between the family, diverse and beautifully sweet just like every other family.

4) Diversity: The diversity on this show is awesome! Defying Gender Roles, Girl Power, Latin American Siblings, Struggling with Sexuality, Transgender, Homophobia, Feminism, Disability, Interracial Couples, Alzheimer's.
the diversity is one of the reasons i love watching The Fosters.

5) Perfect For Binge Watching: Everyone has a TV series they binge watch, and this is one of them! It's still enjoyable much as the first time, and with your favourite characters or pairing makes it better. It has humour, drama, pretty much everything! One of the shows everyone should be watching. 

every character on this show is relatable on some sort of level <3

if you are looking for a new tv series. i highly recommend The Fosters.
i hope you enjoyed reading this post, as much as i enjoyed writing it

Stay Awesome

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