My Chick Flicks/Rom Com Favourites

i love a good chick flick, anything with drama, romance and comedy is my perfect night in. So here are my favourites - this was kinda hard to narrow down because pretty much my film collection is filled with awesome chick flicks.

and many more ;)

so there's my lovely collection of favourite rom coms/chick flicks! What are you favourites?
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Love Your Imperfections

i wanted to talk about this particular quote because a) it's an awesome quote b) because i love it - it has a good affect on me.
We all had/have trouble figuring ourselves out, not understanding ourselves, wishing to be different - to be somebody else but you what? it doesn't make us feel any better, it just makes you feel worse. 

We should show the real us, the flawed imperfect self because we are who we are, everything comes in different shapes & sizes - it took me quite a bit of time to really love myself and not to give a damn what other people think of me because how i feel about myself is more important that some other persons opinion of who i am.

We should be spreading love not hate because in the long run hatred kills all things beautiful.

We are good enough
We are worthy 
We are loved
We are unique
We are all beautiful

your imperfections make you beautiful, they make you who you are - Demi Lovato

reach out and help those who are struggling too 
be kind to yourself! <3

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Little Things That Make Me Happy

here are the little things that make me happy, enjoy! :)

Romantic/Girly Movies: idk something about romance in movies or even tv series just makes me happy, i guess i'm a sucker for romance, whats not to love about romance?

My Pug, Benson: he always makes me smile, he's adorable everything about him makes me happy <3

Music/My iPod: music always makes me happy, who doesn't love a little jam session!?

My Family/My Twin Sister: being with family tends to make me feel a bit better when i'm in a rubbish mood, my sister and my young cousins cheer me up with their craziness

Shopping: I'm always happy going shopping, looking around clothes shops etc. nothing like retail therapy to cheer you up

Autumn/Winter: Autumn & Winter are my favourite time of year, the leaves and snow are pretty and not to forget hot drinks

Sweater Weather: one of the reasons i love Autumn & Winter, theres nothing like a warm cosy jumper

Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice Cream: my favourite kinda ice cream pretty much. i would have this everyday if i could ;-)

This Blog: i've thought of writing a blog during high school but didn't feel it would be good enough - since i've created this blog i've grown confident writing. It just makes me happy that you are reading me posts 

Cuddles: having a cuddles with my dog or my family always makes me feel better

TV Series: nothing is better than fangirling over your favourite tv series and characters/couples - which bring me joy <3

Jonas Brothers: these are my favourite band ever, seeing them in concert in 2009 made me so happy, their music always lifts my mood - i miss them so much!!

Blaine Anderson & Connor Stevens: these two are precious & so adorable, my favourite characters from Glee and The Fosters <3 how can you not love them

Feeling Beautiful: nothings better than feeling beautiful in your own skin and inspiring quotes help me do just that. we are uniquely different & beautiful.

My iPhone: my phone is my baby, it's essential. i can't be without my phone haha

well thats todays post, all the little things that make me happy or smile, what are the little things that make you happy?

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Hello Katy - YouTuber

Hey Guys! so today's post i'm gonna talk with you about one of my favourite youtubers right now @hellokaty <3

only this year i came across the awesome Katy Bellotte's youtube channel & i'm glad i did because she's amazing - her videos are so inspiring yet real, the positivity she sends through her videos just makes me smile.

If you're not familiar with Katy, she joined youtube in December 2009 creating lifestyle, fashion and beauty videos. 
Her confidence and attitude is awesome, Katy just promotes a good state of mind.
I just love that she advices people on inner beauty and everything else young kids maybe going through 

Watching her videos inspire me and my blogging 
& honestly she inspires me as person with her words
she helps me learn to love myself just like Demi Lovato helps me
Thank You Katy <3

Here are some video's of Katy's i love

you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram
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well that's today's post, i hope you enjoyed it! This girl deserves more people to see her awesomeness. Until next time..

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My MakeUp, Skin & Hair Care Essentials

Hey! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend! so my beauty essentials is not too much i don't think, but these are what i use on an everyday basis if not everyday then some days...

Johnson's Makeup Be Gone Refreshing Wipes

I use these to remove my makeup from the day or just to freshen my face a bit more if I'm having a weird skin day. It's not harsh on my face which is great and does a good job removing my makeup.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water 400ml
Another one that does an awesome job on my skin! i like to use this to really clean the dirt from my face or just going over the places i may have missed using a cotton pad

Eye Lash Curlers

these are essential for me now, before applying mascara i like to curl my lashes as i don't exactly have long lashes so the curlers do a good job on opening my eyes a bit more.

Maybelline Lash Sensational & Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express (smoky eyes) Mascara

to lengthen and volumise my lashes i like to use both of these by just applying a couple of coats and my lashes look fuller!

Rimmel London Waterproof Eyeliner

i just apply this on my lower lash line to make my eyes more defined, i reckon it does an awesome job

Match Perfection Foundation

In the shade Ivory, I've been really liking this foundation, it doesn't feel heavy and cakey on my face which is great

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

I'm so happy i purchased this! It covers up my blemishes and dark circles really well, it also highlights my face a bit more as i don't like to wear an awful lot of makeup but still look presentable

Max Factor All Day Primer

I heard some good reviews about this so when this was on offer i decided to give this a try and I'm so happy i did because this is so good on my skin, the texture of the primer is amazing just apply a pump of this and its enough to apply to the face

Pro Formula Skin Brightening Face Wash

This is very cheap and it does a really good job like other face washes, I've only been using this a few weeks and my skin feels very soft so pretty much i'm happy about this!

Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner

the shampoos & conditioners smell lovely and do a very good job on my hair, i'm not gonna lie i don't have the best hair in the world but who does!? I feel these work better on my hair than most products making my hair feel softer and cleaner.

Do you have any affordable products i should try out? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to follow me on Twitter @SimonexLouise & Instagram @simonexoxlouise
Have a good rest of the day!

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Special Throwback!

so something awesome happened 6 years yesterday - i went to see my favourite boyband Jonas Brothers in concert! & 2 years today i went to Chris Colfer's book signing.

15th June 2009

yesterday was 6 years since i saw Jonas Brothers & Demi Lovato at Wembley! My 13 year old self was like a little kid on Christmas morning, who got up early! I listened to the Jonas Brothers albums on my mp3 player on the car journey there, ready to rock out at the concert! 

I remember buying the tour t-shirt, poster, the tour programme & of course Lines Vines Trying Times album which i still all have :') This concert was most definitely an amazing early birthday present. I still remember how the Jonas Brothers are live & queen Demi of course, it was just so much fun! 

16th June 2013

Today is 2 years since i met Chris Colfer at his book signing at Bluewater in Kent and everybody was singing Don't Stop Believing while we were queuing which was pretty funny! I didn't have any sleep just 5 minutes shut eye but hey that's what nap's in cars are for ;)
Meeting Chris was lovely and he was really sweet even if it was just 10 seconds - when i left i couldn't stop smiling, it was an awesome day!

i hope you liked this short post! Those days were pretty awesome. Keep a look out for more posts coming soon!!

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