What's In My Bag?

today's post will be a what's in my bag post as you can tell from the title...

my phone & ipod - these are a must for me where ever i go, you could say i'm addicted to my phone and ipod ;)

headphones - how else am i gonna listen to music!? again always have these in my bag just in case i do want to listen to my ipod which is pretty much always..

little makeup bag - i have this in my bag just incase i need my to touch up my makeup during the day.

hearing aid batteries - well these are essential for my hearing aids to work so these i really need..

lipbalm - since i'm not a fan of lipsticks much, i like to have a tinted lipbalm (Nivea Soft Rose or Baby Lips) to keep my lips moisturised.

a notebook & pen - in case i want to jot down idea's for my blog or anything else.

deodorant/body spray - you don't want to be smelly during the day ;) 

purse & keys - i need keys to get into my house & my purse i need for carrying my cards and money although i rarely have money in my purse it has the important cards etc.

gum/mints - i like to have these in my bag just incase... 

Stay Awesome

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