Tips & Idea's For When You Are Feeling Down

When I have those times where i'm feeling not myself, i like to some of the things that are in this list and some i like in general and think would be helpful to you all :)

Listen To Music - i like to listen to my favourite songs and artists to pick me up when i'm feeling down & maybe even have little singsong or dance party 

Watch A Movie or TV Show - this is something i do tend to do most of the time, it takes me into another world in a way.. 

Cuddle or Play with Pets - this is something i definitely do to make myself feel better, animals are therapeutic and help us feel better, just seeing animals happy makes me smile :)

Write The Things You Like About Yourself - for me this doesn't just help me feel better, it helps my mental well-being as well. I think this is something everybody should try and do because it can help you feel better about yourself.

Watch YouTube Videos - I like to also do this when i'm not feeling my best, just watching my favourite YouTuber's just helps me feel a little better.

Quotes - i like to write out some of my favourites or just quotes that inspire me. You can also print out quotes and stick on your bedroom wall for something inspire you during the day and make a pretty collage of quotes for yourself.

Surround Yourself With Family - being around family can just lift your mood & just forget it for awhile. Family time is special.

Baking - this is something fun and relaxing & creating masterpieces ;)

Look At Old Photographs - this is something i like to do even when i'm not feeling down because it's nice to relive happy memories and just smile.

Shopping - this is something i like to do either way, because its fun and some me time even if its just window shopping or whatever.

Find A Relaxing Scent - i think having a scent diffusers are not only pretty to have but also very calming - the scents i like are vanilla & lavender 

Indulge In Your Guilty Pleasure - whether is trashy reality tv or chocolate, massages etc. It's a way to treat yourself. 

Always Prioritize Yourself - you are your number 1 priority, always take time for yourself. it's not only better for you but for those around you 

Remind Yourself All The Delightful Things You Are Going To Experience - just like a mini bucket list, put things you want to achieve by a certain age or month... it's nice to think of the things you want to do in life and what you want from life & make it happen.

Choose To Find The Beauty In The World & In Yourself - i think this quote is awesome and will help others that don't feel happy in themselves or just struggle right now. Remember there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

Smile & Remind Yourself You Are Awesome - start the day with a smile and think of a mantra for yourself , i chose a quote i like from Demi Lovato's Staying Strong 365 days a year book "You Are Beautifully and Wonderfully Made" which helps me on the days i'm not feeling good about myself or days i just feel sad.

i hope these ideas help you in anyway, just remember it's okay to have a down day it doesn't mean its the end of the world...

Stay Awesome 

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