The TV Show Tag

came across this fun tv show tag so here are my answers, enjoy!
this was fun to do :) feel free to have a shot at it.

1. What’s your favorite TV show?  right now it's The Fosters.

2. From 1-10, how obsessed are you? 8 maybe? I've only recently started watching it 

3. Do any of your friends watch the show? Are they as obsessed as you? yes, idk actually..

4. How did you discover the show? Tumblr!

5. What was your first initial thought of the show and did it change after watching it? i was worried that it was stereotypical but i was wrong, it's an awesome show that deals with things that realistic and do happen in the real world.

6. Why do you like the show? i like what it stands for and that the characters are relatable 

7. Who’s your favorite character in the show? Connor has to be my favourite recurring character, he's just so adorable but if i had to choose favourite main character it would be a choice between Mariana, Jude and Lena <3 

8. Who’s your least favorite character? erm, i'm not entirely sure if i have a least favourite character i probably do but right now my mind has gone blank haha  

9. How would you kill off your favorite character? i wouldn't... they're too precious to be killed off

10. Who’s your crush on the show? Connor, Mat and Mr Timothy... the show has a very handsome cast, i can't choose just one.

11. If you were to be a character, who would you choose? Mariana maybe? cause she's very confident in herself and what she believes in... 

12. What’s your favorite episode? can't think of any from the top of my head but probably the episodes with significant jude and connor moments??

13. What’s your favorite season? Season 2?

14. Do you watch it when it airs or do you DVR/TiVo it? well since i don't live in the US *sad face* i watch it online.

15. Who do you ship? obviously Jude & Connor and Mariana & Mat <3

16. Do you follow the cast on Twitter? yep, i think.. well i follow Gavin MacIntosh, Cierra Ramirez & Hayden Byerly.

17. What’s something that reminds you of the show? the theme song i guess? 

18. Which one of the characters would you like to meet? can i choose 3?  Connor, Mariana and Jude? if not maybe Connor idk i just want to wrap the up in a blanket and feed them hot chocolate with whipped cream & marshmallows *heart eyes* 

19. If you could meet any one of the actors, who would you like to meet? all of them maybe? or just Cierra, Gavin and Hayden... as you can possibly tell they're kinda my favourites <3

20. Which actor is similar to their character? Cierra Ramirez maybe?

21. What other shows would you recommend? Glee, Brothers & Sisters and One Tree Hill. All awesome shows in my opinion! 

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