Photos that make me smile.

a few weeks ago I decided to make a little collage of the things/people that make me happy so here it is 💜 

• my grandad - may he rest in peace 
• my two young cousins - they make smile everytime I see them.
• my mum and nan - I couldn't find any pictures of my mum since she doesn't like her picture taken but anyhow both my mum and nan are my rocks ❤️
• my twin sister - we're two different people but she's awesome.
• Jonas Brothers & when i went to see them in concert - never forget it ✌🏼️
• a quote i found 
• my adorable pug Benson - he's my little sidekick and bestie, he makes everything better!
• our lovely kitty Teddy - the new addition to the family, he's just so cute...
• Demi Lovato - my inspiration, her story has helped me deal with a lot of stuff and I'm so thankful for that.
• Darren Criss & Gavin MacIntosh - well these two are my faves, they're lovely not to mention how much I love their characters on their respective shows Glee and The Fosters!

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