My One True Pairing ❤️

okay, so I'm going to do a tumblr sort of blog post - which tv couple or couples I love on the shows I watch :)  - The Fosters, Glee, One Tree Hill, Brothers & Sisters & Miranda...

Jonnor- The Fosters

I love this relationship because of how pure it is. so innocent and beautiful - they are adorable.

Jude Adams Foster and Connor Stevens (who is my favourite recurring character) are two characters from The Fosters. We first met Connor in the episode 'The Morning After' he became Jude's first real friend later become best friends. In Series 2 we see them developing feelings for one another and dealing with them... Season 3 airs June 8th which is going to be centred around Jonnor's boyfriend status-  i can't wait to see what happens with these cuties. <3 I want them to be together forever! 

Mariana & Mat - The Fosters

Mariana Adams Foster and Mat Tan (a recurring character in the 2nd season) begin dating sometime in season 2. i think they go very well together, they look very cute together too. Mat is very caring towards Mariana - its lovely to see. I hope we see them together in the 3rd season :)

Klaine - Glee

these two are just adorable, how much they love and care for one another. Not to forget Blaine is just dreamy.

Kurt and Blaine began in Original Song after Blaine finally acknowledged his feelings for Kurt! Series go on where Blaine transfers to McKinley to be closer to Kurt, then season 5 Blaine proposed ahh! Season 6 finally they get married and it's perfect.. Klaine forever 

Wemma - Glee

Pretty much rooted for them since season 1, I mean they are lovely together not to forget they have pretty much had feeling for each other since halfway through season 1.

Will and Emma, hmm well pretty much they have been in love with one another since forever. They first dated in season 1 then it went a little pear shaped, they remained friends but still have feelings for each other in season 2. They reunited in season 3 seen living together, leading to marriage and babies. They had their happy ending :) 

Leyton - One Tree Hill 

Lucas and Peyton have been my otp since season one. Lucas always saved Peyton from bad situations, they're soulmates

They have had feelings for each other since season 1. But started dating in season 4 when Lucas told Peyton 'it's you, the one I want standing next to me when all my dreams come true, it's you Peyton'... Season 6 finally Leyton get they're happy ending, marriage and baby- leaving Tree Hill to go traveling.

Naley - One Tree Hill 

These two were soulmates, they fell in love when Haley tutored Nathan, they got married at 16, had their first child in senior year, they have stuck together through life's ups & downs - they are so sweet together. My 2nd otp on one tree hill.

Kevin & Scotty - Brothers & Sisters

Okay these two are perfect together and the show is just awesome. Scotty is just lovely and not to forget handsome ;) - their love story is just on the whole, beautiful. 

Sarah & Luc - Brothers and Sisters

again these two are so lovely together, I was happy Sarah finally found love again with Luc because he's so sweet and caring. 

Miranda & Gary - BBC Miranda 

My favourite sitcom couple, they just suit each other so well and Gary just loves her for all her awkwardness and craziness & it's so cute 

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