Jonas Brothers Challenge

I came across this challenge on tumblr and since i adore the Jonas Brothers i decided to blab about them! <3

favorite jonas brothers album. tbh i don't have one, i love all their albums.

first time you heard one of their songs and your reaction. i suppose when i first purchased thier self titled album when i went shopping with my mum, i listened to the full album and the 1st track was SOS which is still one of my favouirtes to this day- i just thought they were pretty awesome! <3

favorite jonas picture. i don't really have a favourite i don't think. erm maybe the pictures above (the collage) ?? 

favorite inside joke between the fans. idk 

why did you first start liking them? well i thought their music was awesome and they're really sweet guys :)

date of your first concert? 15th June 2009

favorite picture of your favorite jonas.

favorite picture of all 3. idk i love all pictures of them together.. 

ever met them? if so how? and if you never did what would you do? i haven't met them, but i would love too just get a hug and selfie with them ;-)

how many times have you seen them in concert? once, it was the best concert ever. i remember getting up pretty early haha

least favorite picture? nope, don't have one

favorite picture of kevin.


 favorite picture of joe

 favorite picture of nick.

why is your favorite brother, your favorite? i'd like to say i don't have a favourite but really it's Joe - he's lovely, funny and handsome 

how many times a day do you listen to their music? everyday <3

least favorite album? none

what’s the most amount of money you’ve spent on them? £50 - £80 on tour merchandise 

favorite song from It’s About Time. Please Be Mine 

favorite song from the self titled album: Jonas Brothers i have 3 - Hold On, Take A Breath & When You Look Me In The Eyes

favorite song from A Little Bit Longer Burnin' Up & Lovebug. i couldn't choose just 1

favorite song from Lines, Vines, and Trying Times. Much Better & Fly With Me, again i couldn't choose just 1

favorite article of clothing that involves them? tour t-shirt maybe?

highest amount of posters of them you have/had in your room. well i used to have over 50 but now i have 25 i think

tell a story about any of the concerts you’ve been to. on the day of the concert, i got up early haha. the journey to the venue was pretty exciting because i just bought Lines Vines and Trying Times and we listened to the album in the car ride there, soon as we got there i became super excited! Before the concert started i bought the tour program, poster and t-shirt (still have them all). I sang along to the songs and screaming I LOVE YOU JONAS BROTHERS, it was the best concert ever - i couldn't stop talking about it for weeks <3

favorite opening act they’ve had? Demi Lovato - love her to pieces, she's awesome and inspiring :)

favorite song. i have so many!!

Hope you enjoyed reading this and Thank You for just checking out my blog! <3

Stay Awesome

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