Eurovision Favourites

well since eurovision was on last night and it was pretty awesome, i thought i'd do a post on my top 5 songs i liked and why...

1) Sweden 

 first off the song was a worthy winner - i thought it was very catchy and the imagery was amazing.. i'm aware theres been some things said about Måns Zelmerlöw about the LGBT community which seems to have been taken out of context but that aside he was a worthy winner with his performance. Knowledge is power!

2) Israel 

i'm still amazed he is just 16 years old! He was awesome and how catchy was this song!? I was definitely singing along to this catchy number... 

3) Australia  

this was my sister's favourite along side one of mine, i thought it was awesome for Australia to participate in this years eurovision and they were so good!! they showed Europe how talented their country is.

4) Serbia

this song is beautiful yet with a message to those who struggle to feel beautiful etc. very powerful and thats why it's one of my favourites of the night. 

5) Georgia&Slovenia 

yep two favourites in 5th, but first Georgia - i like the song but mostly liked how awesome she looked with the vampy makup and costume but staying on the song it was good and i was singing along to it..


i thought this song was good to open the show and yet again singing along (well trying too), very catchy as well..

this years eurovision was very good in my opinion & loved the return of Conchita Wurst! <3

Stay Awesome

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