Day In The Life :)

i wouldn't say i do anything exciting but i thought this would be interesting to do.

i spent the day with my young cousins and the rest of my family , we had a lovely day out.

Tuesday 26th May 2015

8:40am - woke up , but before getting out of bed i like to check my social media and other stuff - this helps me wake up since i'm most definitely not a morning person!

9:00am - finally get out of bed and hop into the bath & wash my hair, ready to start the day. i usually spend 15 - 20 minutes .

9:20am - roughly around this time, i start getting ready for the day getting dressed and doing my makeup etc soon after i pack the things i need for the day

10:00/10:30am - we travel to Norwich to my nana's house with our pooch Benson, this is usually a 45 minute drive depending on traffic...

11:00am - so we arrive to the house around this time, soon as we get through the door i'm in HUGE demand for a game of scrabble with the young cousins!

12:00pm/1:00pm - we had to Gorleston beach for a walk with benson along the beach sidewalk and of course when you visit the beach having an ice cream is a must!

2:00pm - around this time after a lovely walk with the dog with head back to nan's house to prep for the birthday bbq and of course cake!

4:00pm - BBQ TIME

5:00pm - finally had my hair cut by my lovely hairdresser, my auntie.

6:00pm - played some games with the cousins before heading back home.

7:00pm - headed home to our little kitten Teddy

8:00pm - we get back home around this time to catch the rest of BGT

10:00pm - by this time i get myself ready for bed, wipe my makeup off and clean my teeth etc..but before i sleep i go through my social media and watch youtube videos & this could go on till the early hours of the morning even when i'm tired after a long day!

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