Dear Simone

This is a note to you, for the days when you're full of self doubt and letting comparison get to your head. This is for the bad days. This is for the tired days. 
To remind you, you are doing great! You are enough and to share your uniqueness with the world - despite all the tribulations that have got in the way... You are beautiful just as you are, remember that! 

Tips & Idea's For When You Are Feeling Down

When I have those times where i'm feeling not myself, i like to some of the things that are in this list and some i like in general and think would be helpful to you all :)

Listen To Music - i like to listen to my favourite songs and artists to pick me up when i'm feeling down & maybe even have little singsong or dance party 

Watch A Movie or TV Show - this is something i do tend to do most of the time, it takes me into another world in a way.. 

Cuddle or Play with Pets - this is something i definitely do to make myself feel better, animals are therapeutic and help us feel better, just seeing animals happy makes me smile :)

Write The Things You Like About Yourself - for me this doesn't just help me feel better, it helps my mental well-being as well. I think this is something everybody should try and do because it can help you feel better about yourself.

Watch YouTube Videos - I like to also do this when i'm not feeling my best, just watching my favourite YouTuber's just helps me feel a little better.

Quotes - i like to write out some of my favourites or just quotes that inspire me. You can also print out quotes and stick on your bedroom wall for something inspire you during the day and make a pretty collage of quotes for yourself.

Surround Yourself With Family - being around family can just lift your mood & just forget it for awhile. Family time is special.

Baking - this is something fun and relaxing & creating masterpieces ;)

Look At Old Photographs - this is something i like to do even when i'm not feeling down because it's nice to relive happy memories and just smile.

Shopping - this is something i like to do either way, because its fun and some me time even if its just window shopping or whatever.

Find A Relaxing Scent - i think having a scent diffusers are not only pretty to have but also very calming - the scents i like are vanilla & lavender 

Indulge In Your Guilty Pleasure - whether is trashy reality tv or chocolate, massages etc. It's a way to treat yourself. 

Always Prioritize Yourself - you are your number 1 priority, always take time for yourself. it's not only better for you but for those around you 

Remind Yourself All The Delightful Things You Are Going To Experience - just like a mini bucket list, put things you want to achieve by a certain age or month... it's nice to think of the things you want to do in life and what you want from life & make it happen.

Choose To Find The Beauty In The World & In Yourself - i think this quote is awesome and will help others that don't feel happy in themselves or just struggle right now. Remember there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

Smile & Remind Yourself You Are Awesome - start the day with a smile and think of a mantra for yourself , i chose a quote i like from Demi Lovato's Staying Strong 365 days a year book "You Are Beautifully and Wonderfully Made" which helps me on the days i'm not feeling good about myself or days i just feel sad.

i hope these ideas help you in anyway, just remember it's okay to have a down day it doesn't mean its the end of the world...

Stay Awesome 

Favourite Fictional Characters

thanks to my sister for giving me this idea, its awesome and you know how much i like and enjoy these shows and characters!! 


  • Blaine Anderson played by Darren Criss
  • Tina Cohen Chang played by Jenna Ushkowitz 
  • Kurt Hummel played by Chris Colfer

  • Connor Stevens played by Gavin MacIntosh
  • Mariana Foster played by Cierra Ramirez
  • Jude Adams Foster played by Hayden Byerly

  • Lucas Scott played by Chad Michael Murray
  • Peyton Sawyer played by Hilarie Burton
  • Haley James Scott played by Bethany Joy Lenz

  • Scotty Wandell played by Luke Macfarlane
  • Sarah Walker played by Rachel Griffiths
  • Kevin Walker played by Matthew Rhys

  • Lucien Blake played by Craig McLachlan
  • Danny Parks played by Rick Donald
  • Mattie O'Brien played by Cate Wolff

  • Gary Preston played by Tom Ellis
  • Miranda played by Miranda Hart
  • Stevie Sutton played by Sarah Hadland

  • Chandler Bing played by Matthew Perry
  • Rachel Green played by Jennifer Aniston
  • Joey Tribbiani played by Matt Le Blanc

  • Denise Lovett played by Joanna Vanderham
  • John Moray played by Emun Elliott


Question 1: do you have any pets?
 yep, i have a pug named Benson - who is adorable <3

Question 2: name three things that are physically close to you.
my iphone, my dog, and laptop

Question 3: what’s the weather like right now?
a little cloudy which is pretty normal for british weather

Question 4: do you drive? If so, have you crashed?

Question 5: what time did you wake up this morning?
i think around 10am, i like having lie in's

Question 6: when was the last time you showered?
this morning!

Question 7: what was the last movie that you saw?
the wedding planner starring jennifer lopez and matthew mcconaughey

Question 8: what does you last text message say?

Question 9: what is your ringtone?
i'm gonna have to check that one, just a piano melody

Question 10: have you ever been to a different country?
yep, france and belgium

Question 11: do you like sushi?
nope, eww raw fish or fish in general. don't like smell!

Question 12: where do you buy your groceries?
well my mum buys our groceries, we go to our local supemarket

Question 13: have you ever taken any medication to help you fall asleep faster?
nope, i don't really plan on doing so

Question 14: how many siblings do you have?
1, a twin sister called Nicole

Question 15: do you have a desktop computer or a laptop?

Question 16: how old will you be turning on your next birthday?

Question 17: do you wear contacts or glasses?
does reading glasses count?

Question 18: do you colour your hair?
yeah, only shades of brown..

Question 19: tell me something you are planning to do today.
just hanging out with my doggie

Question 20: when was the last time you cried?
erm, i don't remember over something silly like a movie or tv show. i'm an emotional person

Question 21: what is your perfect pizza topping?
idk i don't eat a lot of pizza tbh but ham & pineapple

Question 22: which do you prefer, hamburger or cheeseburger?
cheeseburger? a burger is a burger

Question 23: have you ever had an all-nighter?
nope, i hope i don't have too

Question 24: what is your eye colour?

Question 25: can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke?
not really, i like both

Day In The Life :)

i wouldn't say i do anything exciting but i thought this would be interesting to do.

i spent the day with my young cousins and the rest of my family , we had a lovely day out.

Tuesday 26th May 2015

8:40am - woke up , but before getting out of bed i like to check my social media and other stuff - this helps me wake up since i'm most definitely not a morning person!

9:00am - finally get out of bed and hop into the bath & wash my hair, ready to start the day. i usually spend 15 - 20 minutes .

9:20am - roughly around this time, i start getting ready for the day getting dressed and doing my makeup etc soon after i pack the things i need for the day

10:00/10:30am - we travel to Norwich to my nana's house with our pooch Benson, this is usually a 45 minute drive depending on traffic...

11:00am - so we arrive to the house around this time, soon as we get through the door i'm in HUGE demand for a game of scrabble with the young cousins!

12:00pm/1:00pm - we had to Gorleston beach for a walk with benson along the beach sidewalk and of course when you visit the beach having an ice cream is a must!

2:00pm - around this time after a lovely walk with the dog with head back to nan's house to prep for the birthday bbq and of course cake!

4:00pm - BBQ TIME

5:00pm - finally had my hair cut by my lovely hairdresser, my auntie.

6:00pm - played some games with the cousins before heading back home.

7:00pm - headed home to our little kitten Teddy

8:00pm - we get back home around this time to catch the rest of BGT

10:00pm - by this time i get myself ready for bed, wipe my makeup off and clean my teeth etc..but before i sleep i go through my social media and watch youtube videos & this could go on till the early hours of the morning even when i'm tired after a long day!

What's In My Bag?

today's post will be a what's in my bag post as you can tell from the title...

my phone & ipod - these are a must for me where ever i go, you could say i'm addicted to my phone and ipod ;)

headphones - how else am i gonna listen to music!? again always have these in my bag just in case i do want to listen to my ipod which is pretty much always..

little makeup bag - i have this in my bag just incase i need my to touch up my makeup during the day.

hearing aid batteries - well these are essential for my hearing aids to work so these i really need..

lipbalm - since i'm not a fan of lipsticks much, i like to have a tinted lipbalm (Nivea Soft Rose or Baby Lips) to keep my lips moisturised.

a notebook & pen - in case i want to jot down idea's for my blog or anything else.

deodorant/body spray - you don't want to be smelly during the day ;) 

purse & keys - i need keys to get into my house & my purse i need for carrying my cards and money although i rarely have money in my purse it has the important cards etc.

gum/mints - i like to have these in my bag just incase... 

Stay Awesome

Eurovision Favourites

well since eurovision was on last night and it was pretty awesome, i thought i'd do a post on my top 5 songs i liked and why...

1) Sweden 

 first off the song was a worthy winner - i thought it was very catchy and the imagery was amazing.. i'm aware theres been some things said about Måns Zelmerlöw about the LGBT community which seems to have been taken out of context but that aside he was a worthy winner with his performance. Knowledge is power!

2) Israel 

i'm still amazed he is just 16 years old! He was awesome and how catchy was this song!? I was definitely singing along to this catchy number... 

3) Australia  

this was my sister's favourite along side one of mine, i thought it was awesome for Australia to participate in this years eurovision and they were so good!! they showed Europe how talented their country is.

4) Serbia

this song is beautiful yet with a message to those who struggle to feel beautiful etc. very powerful and thats why it's one of my favourites of the night. 

5) Georgia&Slovenia 

yep two favourites in 5th, but first Georgia - i like the song but mostly liked how awesome she looked with the vampy makup and costume but staying on the song it was good and i was singing along to it..


i thought this song was good to open the show and yet again singing along (well trying too), very catchy as well..

this years eurovision was very good in my opinion & loved the return of Conchita Wurst! <3

Stay Awesome

Inspirational Quotes

these quotes help me whenever I'm having a down day or just not feeling the best... I have these saved on my phone to remind myself it's okay to have a bad day etc. just get back up and keep going because the world needs people like you <3 

"Just Be Yourself. Let People See The Real, Imperfect, Flawed, Quirky, Weird, Beautiful Magical Person That You Are"

"Be Gentle With Yourself, You're Doing The Best You Can."

"Instead Of Looking In The Mirror and Focusing On Your Flaws, Look In The Mirror and Appreciate Your Best Features...Everyone Has Them"

"Let Your Smile Change The World. But Don't Let The World Change Your Smile."

"Always Know How Valuable & Uniquely Beautiful You Are."

"Stay Majestic" 

"I Owe No Explanations For My Flaws. I Don't Have To Justify My Mistakes, My Past, Or My Insecurities. I Am Growing and Learning, Let Me Live"

"Stay Strong Because You Are Unbroken" 

"To Be Yourself In A World That Is Constantly Trying To Make You Something Else Is The Greatest Accomplishment"   

these quotes belong to the receptive sources, i hope these help you guys in anyway - You Are Enough! <3

Stay Awesome

Current Music Favourites

i thought it would be fun to share my current music favourites from my spotify & iPod, so here it is :) 

Kari Kimmel - Where You Belong (The Fosters Theme Song)

since i've been watching The Fosters, i've been kinda obsessed with this song, why not - it's lovely song <3

Carousel - Not Enough

another song featured on The Fosters i love and have been playing alot on iPod, its super catchy <3

Joey Graceffa - Don't Wait

a friend of mine sent this to me the other day and its awesome! the music, the lyrics and most importantly the message. The video is beautiful with a the effects and scenery etc. Definitely worth listening to if you have already :)
Carly Rae Jepson - I Really Like You

Carly has a record for bringing out very catchy songs like Call Me Maybe, This Kiss, Tonight I'm Getting Over You all that i love but right now i've been listening to I Really Like You and singing along 

Hilary Duff - Sparks

I've been super excited to hear Hilary's new material and its awesome, yet again i can't stop listening to this song. The music video is so fun, moving away from the music just to say how awesome her hair colour is in the video - feeling pretty envious ;)

Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do

since i've seen Fifty Shades Of Grey in cinema's i've been loving this song! the tempo, lyrics etc everything is awesome. i'd still sing along to this months ahead - the song is so catchy! <3

Kelly Clarkson - War Paint

this song is just so good - the lyrics are awesome. definitely one of my favourites from her new album (i'm actually listening to this while writing this haha)

Jonas Brothers - First Time

the Jonas Brothers will always find away to end up in my favourites, since this was their last record together i've been listening to it alot and because their music just picks me up if i'm having a bad day. Overall every Jonas Brothers song is pretty much awesome and is my pick up <3

Demi Lovato - Believe In Me

Demi's music is always inspiring to me and mostly this song just helps me a hell of a lot, again its a pick me up kinda song for me. My favourite from her Don't Forget album <3
Demi is just awesome!

Empire Cast - You're So Beautiful

One of my favourites from Empire, again my other most listened to song on my iPod & Spotify - it's just an awesome and catchy song <3

Meghan Trainor - Dear Future Husband

i find myself singing along to this on radio and Spotify etc. a fun song that just gets me dancing like All About The Bass and Lips Are Movin' 

So that's it for this post - the songs aren't necessarily in order in terms of favourites,  , knowing me i could go on and on about my current music favourites haha - i hope you enjoyed reading this & thank you <3

Stay Awesome

Reality TV - Yay Or Nay

okay so pretty much everybody's guilty pleasure is reality tv - somewhat trashy reality shows are fun to watch. they're just entertaining as a whole,don't get me wrong some reality tv can be nauseating. here are my top 5 reality shows i enjoy

it's pretty insane how much i love this show, Nev & Max are awesome - not to mention how good looking they are ;) tbh it's fun to see who the catfishes are and in a way it teaches you about online relationships - the good and the bad.


2 things: A) Jonas Brothers and B) Kevin & Danielle's adorable relationship.


Not gonna lie when i first heard about Married To Jonas i was so excited like beyond! The Jonas Brothers are awesome and Kenielle are so sweet (i want a relationship like those two) Kevin and Danielle are a beautiful couple and a perfect example of true love, okay...

                      File:Made in chelsea logo.png

For those who haven't heard of Made In Chelsea, it's a British reality show about very privileged people living in the London Borough Of Chelsea. The fashion and the luxury is nice to watch in a weird envious way. 


who doesn't love watching professional dancers teaching celebrities to dance!? and the professional dances are beautiful and effortless... i wish i could dance with a few of my favourites, i can dream right? 


i weirdly find myself watching this if i'm flicking through the channels and bored etc... idk i just find this family slightly entertaining - Khloe is pretty much my favourite followed by Kourtney & Kylie

okay so that's today's blog post, do you have any reality tv guilty pleasures? let me know!
whether people love it or hate it - it's a guilty pleasure.

Stay Awesome 

Current Favourites

so here are my current favourites, enjoy! 

  • Max Factor Face Finity all day primer
  • Nivea Moisturising Day Cream
  • Simple Soothing Eye Balm 
  • Match Perfection Foundation in Ivory
  • Match Perfection Concealer 
  • Stay Matte Powder
  • Rimmel London waterproof eye definer (noir)
  • Mascara - Maybelline Lash Sensational  & The Colossal Volum' Express smoky eyes
  • Lip Balm - Nivea Soft Rose & Maybelline Baby Lips
TV Shows
  • The Fosters
  • Catfish: the tv show
  • Breakfast At Tiffany's 
  • Love, Rosie
  • A Cinderella Story
  • Demi Lovato Staying Strong 365 days a year
  • Girl Online - Zoella
  • Fifty Shades Of Grey

The TV Show Tag

came across this fun tv show tag so here are my answers, enjoy!
this was fun to do :) feel free to have a shot at it.

1. What’s your favorite TV show?  right now it's The Fosters.

2. From 1-10, how obsessed are you? 8 maybe? I've only recently started watching it 

3. Do any of your friends watch the show? Are they as obsessed as you? yes, idk actually..

4. How did you discover the show? Tumblr!

5. What was your first initial thought of the show and did it change after watching it? i was worried that it was stereotypical but i was wrong, it's an awesome show that deals with things that realistic and do happen in the real world.

6. Why do you like the show? i like what it stands for and that the characters are relatable 

7. Who’s your favorite character in the show? Connor has to be my favourite recurring character, he's just so adorable but if i had to choose favourite main character it would be a choice between Mariana, Jude and Lena <3 

8. Who’s your least favorite character? erm, i'm not entirely sure if i have a least favourite character i probably do but right now my mind has gone blank haha  

9. How would you kill off your favorite character? i wouldn't... they're too precious to be killed off

10. Who’s your crush on the show? Connor, Mat and Mr Timothy... the show has a very handsome cast, i can't choose just one.

11. If you were to be a character, who would you choose? Mariana maybe? cause she's very confident in herself and what she believes in... 

12. What’s your favorite episode? can't think of any from the top of my head but probably the episodes with significant jude and connor moments??

13. What’s your favorite season? Season 2?

14. Do you watch it when it airs or do you DVR/TiVo it? well since i don't live in the US *sad face* i watch it online.

15. Who do you ship? obviously Jude & Connor and Mariana & Mat <3

16. Do you follow the cast on Twitter? yep, i think.. well i follow Gavin MacIntosh, Cierra Ramirez & Hayden Byerly.

17. What’s something that reminds you of the show? the theme song i guess? 

18. Which one of the characters would you like to meet? can i choose 3?  Connor, Mariana and Jude? if not maybe Connor idk i just want to wrap the up in a blanket and feed them hot chocolate with whipped cream & marshmallows *heart eyes* 

19. If you could meet any one of the actors, who would you like to meet? all of them maybe? or just Cierra, Gavin and Hayden... as you can possibly tell they're kinda my favourites <3

20. Which actor is similar to their character? Cierra Ramirez maybe?

21. What other shows would you recommend? Glee, Brothers & Sisters and One Tree Hill. All awesome shows in my opinion! 

Pet Post ❤️

so this post is going to be about my beloved little pooch, Benson...

Before February last year, my mum had been talking about getting a dog - to help with my depression and anxiety. 
We adopted a lovely pug named Benson from a neighbour.

The day I met him was pretty special. I walked into the room where he was with his brothers and sisters - a room filled with pugs was heaven. I was unsure which one was actually Benson so I asked where in room he was and it turned out he was sit beside me with his little head on my leg. It felt like he chose me in a way. 

He makes me smile everyday with his crazy personality- he is honestly my best friend... 

Stay Awesome 

Jonas Brothers Challenge

I came across this challenge on tumblr and since i adore the Jonas Brothers i decided to blab about them! <3

favorite jonas brothers album. tbh i don't have one, i love all their albums.

first time you heard one of their songs and your reaction. i suppose when i first purchased thier self titled album when i went shopping with my mum, i listened to the full album and the 1st track was SOS which is still one of my favouirtes to this day- i just thought they were pretty awesome! <3

favorite jonas picture. i don't really have a favourite i don't think. erm maybe the pictures above (the collage) ?? 

favorite inside joke between the fans. idk 

why did you first start liking them? well i thought their music was awesome and they're really sweet guys :)

date of your first concert? 15th June 2009

favorite picture of your favorite jonas.

favorite picture of all 3. idk i love all pictures of them together.. 

ever met them? if so how? and if you never did what would you do? i haven't met them, but i would love too just get a hug and selfie with them ;-)

how many times have you seen them in concert? once, it was the best concert ever. i remember getting up pretty early haha

least favorite picture? nope, don't have one

favorite picture of kevin.


 favorite picture of joe

 favorite picture of nick.

why is your favorite brother, your favorite? i'd like to say i don't have a favourite but really it's Joe - he's lovely, funny and handsome 

how many times a day do you listen to their music? everyday <3

least favorite album? none

what’s the most amount of money you’ve spent on them? £50 - £80 on tour merchandise 

favorite song from It’s About Time. Please Be Mine 

favorite song from the self titled album: Jonas Brothers i have 3 - Hold On, Take A Breath & When You Look Me In The Eyes

favorite song from A Little Bit Longer Burnin' Up & Lovebug. i couldn't choose just 1

favorite song from Lines, Vines, and Trying Times. Much Better & Fly With Me, again i couldn't choose just 1

favorite article of clothing that involves them? tour t-shirt maybe?

highest amount of posters of them you have/had in your room. well i used to have over 50 but now i have 25 i think

tell a story about any of the concerts you’ve been to. on the day of the concert, i got up early haha. the journey to the venue was pretty exciting because i just bought Lines Vines and Trying Times and we listened to the album in the car ride there, soon as we got there i became super excited! Before the concert started i bought the tour program, poster and t-shirt (still have them all). I sang along to the songs and screaming I LOVE YOU JONAS BROTHERS, it was the best concert ever - i couldn't stop talking about it for weeks <3

favorite opening act they’ve had? Demi Lovato - love her to pieces, she's awesome and inspiring :)

favorite song. i have so many!!

Hope you enjoyed reading this and Thank You for just checking out my blog! <3

Stay Awesome

Photos that make me smile.

a few weeks ago I decided to make a little collage of the things/people that make me happy so here it is 💜 

• my grandad - may he rest in peace 
• my two young cousins - they make smile everytime I see them.
• my mum and nan - I couldn't find any pictures of my mum since she doesn't like her picture taken but anyhow both my mum and nan are my rocks ❤️
• my twin sister - we're two different people but she's awesome.
• Jonas Brothers & when i went to see them in concert - never forget it ✌🏼️
• a quote i found 
• my adorable pug Benson - he's my little sidekick and bestie, he makes everything better!
• our lovely kitty Teddy - the new addition to the family, he's just so cute...
• Demi Lovato - my inspiration, her story has helped me deal with a lot of stuff and I'm so thankful for that.
• Darren Criss & Gavin MacIntosh - well these two are my faves, they're lovely not to mention how much I love their characters on their respective shows Glee and The Fosters!

TMI tag

saw this floating around the internet so i thought i'd give this a go :) hope you enjoy!

1: What are you wearing? my pyjamas  

2: Ever been in love? erm not really - in high school i was convinced i was in love with this guy in my history and french class...

3: Ever had a terrible breakup? nope, i've not dated anyone to even have a breakup haha

4: How tall are you? 5'6 or 5'7 idk 

5: How much do you weigh? not telling haha

6: Any tattoos? nope, maybe in the future i will.

7: Any piercings? yep, one on each ear lobe

8: OTP? Jude & Connor from The Fosters,  Kurt & Blaine from Glee, Lucas & Peyton from One Tree Hill... It's a long list so i won't bore you all.

9: Favorite Show? The Fosters, Glee, Brothers & Sisters, One Tree Hill ;)

10: Favorite bands? Jonas Brothers <3 they will always be my number 1 

11: Something you miss? my grandad.

12: Favorite song? so many to list.. check out my spotify playlist

13: How old are you? 19, will be 20 in July...

14: Zodiac sign? Cancer

15: Quality you look for in a partner? kind, honest and loving

16: Favorite Quote? "You are beautifully and wonderfully made" - Demi Lovato

17: Favorite actor? i have so many favourites it'll take months to write all their names...

18: Favorite color? purple

19: Loud music or soft? loud music if I'm wearing headphones, soft if I'm not

20: Where do you go when you’re sad? my bedroom

21: How long does it take you to shower? 10-20 minutes 

22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 45 minutes or an hour, depends on the day/whatever I'm doing that day

23: Ever been in a physical fight? yes, fighting for the people i care about..

24: Turn on? men with stubbles (facial hair)  ;)

25: Turn off? ignorance..

26: The reason I joined Blogspot? to blog about things i enjoy and thoughts...

27: Fears? heights and creepy crawlies  

28: Last thing that made you cry? Jude and Connor from The Fosters... i get weirdly emotional over fictional characters 

29: Last time you said you loved someone? my nan on the phone 

30: Meaning behind your Blogspot Name? imperfections are beautiful

31: Last book you read? fifty shades of grey.. i think

32: The book you’re currently reading? girl online by zoella.. I'm bad at stickying to reading

33: Last show you watched? The Fosters! that show is awesome, can't wait till season 3

34: Last person you talked to? my sister and nan

35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? Nicole - my twin sister

36: Favourite food? my mums chicken curry??

37: Place you want to visit? everywhere, i want to see the world before i settle down.

38: Last place you were? in my living-room? does that count??

39: Do you have a crush? nope unless fictional characters count..

40: Last time you kissed someone? idk

41: Last time you were insulted? maybe last week..

42: Favourite flavour of sweet? strawberry & blueberry bon bons 

43: What instruments do you play? none, although i would like to learn to play the piano and guitar..

44: Favourite piece of jewellery? necklaces and rings

45: Last sport you played? idk i don't really play sports anymore..

46: Last song you sang? Neon Lights by Demi Lovato <3

47: Favourite chat up line? i don't have one, I've never chatted anyone up...I'm too shy haha

48: Have you ever used it? nope

49: Last time you hung out with anyone? my sister? we're kinda joint at the hip ;)

50: Who should answer these questions next? anyone who ever reads this! :)

My One True Pairing ❤️

okay, so I'm going to do a tumblr sort of blog post - which tv couple or couples I love on the shows I watch :)  - The Fosters, Glee, One Tree Hill, Brothers & Sisters & Miranda...

Jonnor- The Fosters

I love this relationship because of how pure it is. so innocent and beautiful - they are adorable.

Jude Adams Foster and Connor Stevens (who is my favourite recurring character) are two characters from The Fosters. We first met Connor in the episode 'The Morning After' he became Jude's first real friend later become best friends. In Series 2 we see them developing feelings for one another and dealing with them... Season 3 airs June 8th which is going to be centred around Jonnor's boyfriend status-  i can't wait to see what happens with these cuties. <3 I want them to be together forever! 

Mariana & Mat - The Fosters

Mariana Adams Foster and Mat Tan (a recurring character in the 2nd season) begin dating sometime in season 2. i think they go very well together, they look very cute together too. Mat is very caring towards Mariana - its lovely to see. I hope we see them together in the 3rd season :)

Klaine - Glee

these two are just adorable, how much they love and care for one another. Not to forget Blaine is just dreamy.

Kurt and Blaine began in Original Song after Blaine finally acknowledged his feelings for Kurt! Series go on where Blaine transfers to McKinley to be closer to Kurt, then season 5 Blaine proposed ahh! Season 6 finally they get married and it's perfect.. Klaine forever 

Wemma - Glee

Pretty much rooted for them since season 1, I mean they are lovely together not to forget they have pretty much had feeling for each other since halfway through season 1.

Will and Emma, hmm well pretty much they have been in love with one another since forever. They first dated in season 1 then it went a little pear shaped, they remained friends but still have feelings for each other in season 2. They reunited in season 3 seen living together, leading to marriage and babies. They had their happy ending :) 

Leyton - One Tree Hill 

Lucas and Peyton have been my otp since season one. Lucas always saved Peyton from bad situations, they're soulmates

They have had feelings for each other since season 1. But started dating in season 4 when Lucas told Peyton 'it's you, the one I want standing next to me when all my dreams come true, it's you Peyton'... Season 6 finally Leyton get they're happy ending, marriage and baby- leaving Tree Hill to go traveling.

Naley - One Tree Hill 

These two were soulmates, they fell in love when Haley tutored Nathan, they got married at 16, had their first child in senior year, they have stuck together through life's ups & downs - they are so sweet together. My 2nd otp on one tree hill.

Kevin & Scotty - Brothers & Sisters

Okay these two are perfect together and the show is just awesome. Scotty is just lovely and not to forget handsome ;) - their love story is just on the whole, beautiful. 

Sarah & Luc - Brothers and Sisters

again these two are so lovely together, I was happy Sarah finally found love again with Luc because he's so sweet and caring. 

Miranda & Gary - BBC Miranda 

My favourite sitcom couple, they just suit each other so well and Gary just loves her for all her awkwardness and craziness & it's so cute