Fifty Shades Of Grey: film review

On Tuesday 24th February, i finally saw the movie... with my mum having been excited to see Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey and he didn't disappoint.

Plain Jane girl meets a handsome mysterious businessman with a dark past whom she is instantly attracted to - as they learn more about each other ie Christian's dark desires and Ana's own desires.... Can Ana show Christian what love really is & Will Christian let himself fall in love?

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson were a good match for Christian & Ana, they showed every aspect of their characteristics.

I'm aware this maybe a unpopular opinion but I see both sides of the story,Christian being the dominant in the relationship, on the other side of the discussion Ana consented to everything, she knows what she was letting herself into and wanted to explore it, looking at the story so far Christian had a very mixed-up childhood which led him being how he is.... It's a love story in it own way including the erotic side of it.

I loved the music that was played throughout the movie, i thought it matched the scenes really well, I couldn't help but singing/mouthing to most of them - Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding & Crazy In Love (2014 remix) by BeyoncĂ© were definitely my two favourites

I enjoyed seeing the movie and can't wait to see the next two. Jamie Dornan was the perfect Christian Grey in my opinion <3 


Soon Visting Mr Grey

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Finally going to see Fifty Shades Of Grey, and i'm actually pretty excited. despite what the reviews have said.
i did enjoy the books even though the writing wasn't the best.

After seeing the film, i will be putting my thoughts on the blog soon as possible.

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