Things I've Learnt In Quarantine

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As we slowly get back into some sort of normality, quarantine has given many people time to reflect on life and myself included. I thought now might be a good time to share some of the things I've learned whilst quarantining. 

I think everyone can agree that 2020 has already shaped up to be a pile of rubbish, let's all hope it gets better. Thanks to Coronavirus I think everyone has learnt something about themselves, something good or something not so nice.

So what did I learn?

Review: TharnType The Series (And Thoughts)


TharnType is a Thai series based on a series of books of the same name. The series started airing in October 2019 and made available for international viewers via LINE TV after each episode. The Series is based on the first 2 books written about TharnType and recently it got announced that there with be a season 2 YAY. Season 2 will be based on the 3rd and final book, that completes Tharn and Type's story.

There's a reason why TharnType has become a phenomenon in the BL world and I'll tell you why further into the post, beware this could be a long one because I have so many thoughts on this series, it's likely I'm going to be rambling.  

Type is a dark, tall and handsome freshman. Although he's a warm boy, he is homophobic because he was molested by a man as a child. His life turns upside down when the new year of college brings along a very interesting person in his life, a gay roommate, Tharn. Tharn is a very handsome music major with fair skin and mixed features. He is also openly gay. With a gay guy and a guy who hates gay men, that have to share a small space together for the rest of the year — what can possibly be the outcome of their story? Hatred? Or maybe love?

List of Things to Watch in Quarantine

In a time of uncertainty, we're having to keep ourselves entertained and distracted somehow so why not sit back and relax for a couple of hours with a binge-watch worthy series. I thought of putting a list of worth things to watch during isolation or simply for an evening of binge-watching.
For the time being, sit back and relax with this list of shows and films for everyone to enjoy including a list of things I've been watching.

The list ranges from different genres of films, series, documentaries and I've even added some Asian series to the list simply because they don't seem to get talked about so here you go.

Things You Should Understand About Hearing Loss 🦻

Artwork by @jeanachavezart 

As many of you know, who have visited my blog over the years know I have bilateral hearing loss in both ears. The first 6-7 years of my life, I didn't have hearing aids to enhance my hearing (if that's a way to put it) - I rely on lip-reading which in itself is a pretty exhausting thing even after a long day of intense listening and being in a busy environment, I prefer to take my hearing aids out. Speaking from experience we don't want special treatment, we just want a better understanding and for people to be more deaf aware.

When strangers come in contact with someone who is deaf/hard of hearing and haven't been exposed to deaf culture, it seems some people don't know how to react.

When you have a hearing loss, a conversation takes a lot of effort. We may only catch snippets of certain words so our brain is constantly working to figure out what was said based on the context of the discussion. After a long day of listening, we may be overcome with hearing loss exhaustion.
So I wanted to share some of my suggestions to give more awareness on hearing loss because frankly there isn't enough of it or more so lack of, I hope this will be of help for you.

REVIEW: HIStory 3 Trapped

Those who are not familiar with the HIStory series, it is a Taiwanese series that have a selection of new actors for each story. Trapped is a 2019 BL series from Taiwan and is the sixth instalment of the highly popular HIStory franchise. Trapped is different from the previous stories with perhaps a cliched story of a mob boss and a police detective but it's one you can't help but be intrigued by. 

Having watched the previous series 'Crossing The Line' and with that becoming a fast favourite, I decided to watch Trapped without many high expectations. After checking out the trailer, it was obvious this story was going to be different from the previous ones and that's what piqued my interest even more.  History3: Trapped has all the fan-favourite tropes i.e. a mob boss falling in love with a police officer and vice versa, enemies to lovers, a little bit of angst with a happy ending, hurt/comfort, etc. I loved the show for all the romance, for lovable characters, for couples actually communicating properly with one another rather than let it stew and misunderstand each other for a gazillion episodes, and most importantly, a healthy portrayal of gay relationships. No jokes, no punchlines, just plain, simple love. The series is just simply heartwarming and impossible not to fall in love with the characters.

Things I Learnt In My First Year Of University

With my first year nearly finished with 1 more assignment to go, I thought it would be the perfect time to reflect on how it went. I can't believe I'm a quarter way through my undergrad degree. I arrived at my university halls, September last year with no idea what to expect but ready to take on my new found independence. First year is a roller coaster ride filled with different emotions, experiences, and responsibilities.